America’s Slow Death of a Thousand Cuts.

By John Cylc


I used to think that if the United States were to fall, it would be by a massive attack, civil war, or calamity. Like myself, most Americans probably thought that in the case of an invasion, our one hundred million armed citizens could unite and defend what our military could not. If there were a civil war, those same patriots would be joined by most of the military to side with the Constitution and freedom. Now it seems like our once great country is like a giant being brought down by many miniscule attacks, too numerous to stop. These countless wounds are exactly how our greatest current foe used to execute its own citizens.

“Lingchi” was an infamous method of torture and execution used in China from the 4th century until it was outlawed in 1905. Also known as “slow slicing,” “lingering death,” or “death of a thousand cuts”, it was used for only the most severe crimes. The victim, bound to a pole, would have his skin and muscles cut off until he passed out or died. The execution could be over in less than half an hour and one hundred cuts. Sometimes, depending on severity of the crime, skilled executioners could make it last for hours and thousands of cuts.

When looking at our culture, news and social media, I feel that somehow our enemies have infiltrated our society and government enough to bring “lingchi” to our shores…using it not on individuals, but on our nation.

Economically, we are $34 trillion in debt with no foreseeable spending freeze, cut or balanced budget. The mere interest that we pay China alone is enough for them to rebuild and expand their military, many times stealing our own technology to use against us. Our government throws our money around like there will never be repercussions. We give much of it away, in exorbitant sums to other countries, many of whom hate us.

Culturally, we have lost the war against selfishness, hedonism, greed, and apathy. People act like they care about grand ideals (climate change, world peace, etc.), while not actually doing anything to help anyone. Posting flags or memes on social media is the extent of most people’s efforts. They do this using cell phones made with slave labor– to protest supposed injustices! They extoll electric cars as “saving the environment” even though the battery manufacturing process alone is killing certain environments…and these are then charged by fossil fuel produced electricity!

Our border is porous, allowing criminals, lethal drugs, terrorists and spies to cross damn near willy-nilly. The incessant wave of illegals skirting our laws with claims of asylum seeking swells demand for our social services.

The once apolitical military has been stuffed from the top down with woke appointees who are all to willing to sacrifice military readiness for liberal ideology. Diversity is a focus even though different races have worked together in uniform for decades. Servicemembers who are pro-Trump or conservative are threatened. They labeled them as “extremists” and removed anyone with a Pro-Trump social media post from the Captiol area immediately after January 6th.

Our judicial system has become a weapon of the left. The two-tiered justice system protects Democrats and their allies, while pursuing the most minor of infractions with military-like force for conservatives or Trump allies. The houses of pro-lifers are raided in the early morning hours while leftist protests burn cities and attack peaceful prayer vigils with little to no police interest.

Free speech is under assault from Big Tech, supported by our own government and the media. Gun rights are constantly denigrated and eroded by unelected regulatory bodies. It is commonly accepted that our private communications are monitored and recorded by the very agencies sworn to protect us.

Our children are exposed to sexualization and indoctrination in schools that barely teach them the major lessons such as history, math and science.

Marriage is under attack and waning. Young people do not want to have kids and start families.

Religion is being slowly removed from society through mockery and attack, unless it is Islam.

Gender is considered non-existent and merely a social construct, even as those who champion such philosophy also argue for women’s rights. Not pretending along with transgenders about their imagined genders is considered disrespectful or offensive.

Love of America is at an all-time low as progressives preach ONLY about our country’s past mistakes and evils.

We reversed our achievement of energy independence in less than 2 years through appeasement of environmentalists, thus making us dependent on other countries, including our enemies, for fuel.

Our country is currently being “led” by an unseen and unacknowledged group who use a mumbling, incoherent, and frail dementia patient as their “front man”.

Americans have been pacified, fooled, and distracted by media, social media, and government propaganda. Our Founders had no such distractions- No cell phones. No television. No internet. The Revolutionary era leaders did have some things modern-day Americans and patriots do not- balls, backbone and a willingness to sacrifice to take action.

There is no way our country can survive going down this road if something major does not change soon. Ultimately, America may have already passed a point of no return on the path to our ultimate demise. No enemy could have conquered us. Our defeat may have come from within…from a thousand self-inflicted cuts.

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