Biden’s New World Disorder

by Dr. Richard Palazzolo

Like so many other patriots, every day I watch the disintegration of America at the hands of a feckless, incompetent, weak and corrupted president. I am struck by the disdain that Joe Biden has for this great nation as he seeks to dismantle our greatness at a speed that we may not.endure. He has done so much near-insurmountable damage within a two year window that I do not know how we can wait until 2024 to send him into retirement.

Because of the submissive capitulation exhibited by Biden daily, we have seen Russia, China and Iran become more emboldened on the world stage which has given all of them artificial license to advance their nefarious agenda. Our old foes work together to displace the United States as the dominant world power, causing international allies to rethink their relationship with the once indomitable America.

While Biden pushes diversity and inclusion, demonstrating more interest in pronoun usage and climate change on us, as well as within our military academies, where the focus should be training future officers to lead our troops in war. China and Russia are loading up their forces.

It was Biden who basically gave permission to Russia to invade Ukraine by characterizing the potential move as a “mild excursion”. He simultaneously caused us to go from being energy independent to begging for oil from Saudi Arabia, Russia, and Venezuela. A year later, the war still wages and our Strategic Petroleum Reserve is at the lowest level in forty years. We also cannot forget that Trump left us with a 1.4% inflation rate and, in a blink under Biden’s watch, it rose to 9% Since then, it has hovered around 7%.

As all of this unfolds, Xi Jinping from Communist China offers to help broker a peace deal between Russia and Ukraine after having shepherded an agreement between Saudi Arabia and Iran. Where is Biden? Talking about climate change and hosting the casts from Ted Lasso and Veep. He should instead be replicating FDR in the midst of the Yalta Conference in 1945, with Winston Churchill and Josef Stalin from Russia, where they worked together to spearhead the peace and rebuilding of Europe. Biden lacks the fortitude and conviction to lead with resolve. Instead, he is a putrid bucket of mush who is allowing these rogue nations to walk all over us. He had zero qualms about surrendering the sovereignty of our Republic by reversing the Trump border policies.

The 46th President focuses on the effort to check those boxes of diversity where we have a crossing-dressing nuclear energy secretary/thief, a trans doctor in DHS who suggests that it is okay to give  puberty blockers to children, a female energy secretary and a mostly-absent gay transportation secretary. All these politically motivated appointments are clueless and incompetent.

Why did he claim that China was not our enemy, they were just our competitors? Was it because while when no one was watching him a VP, he enriched himself through influence peddling? Whether he believes it or not, China is our primary adversary. Biden sold out himself. Now he is doing it to America.

There have always been challenges in the world and America has endured a number of them, but we had leaders who stood tall. I remember when JFK dealt with the tensions with Nikita Khruschev and Castro during the Bay of Pigs. I think of Reagan standing up to Gorbachev. Most recently, I recall Trump ordering the sixty-nine Tomahawk missiles to be launched in Syria. Xi nearly choked on his tiramisu when he found out. Strength and decisiveness caused Xi and little Rocket man in NOKO to stand down. If Trump had been re-elected, Putin would not have invaded Ukraine and our thirteen service members would not have been lost during the disastrous debacle in Afghanistan.

If Biden is not stopped it may be too late because the Russo-China alliance is not a “marriage of convenience” as stated by another administration disgrace, former Admiral John Kirby. Our adversaries are seeking to upset a hundred years of balance and growth and replace it with their version of New World Order.

Since World War ll, when things went wrong around the world, the United States of America came to the aid of other nations, both militarily and economically. If we fail who will come to our aid? Canada? Trudeau is a joke. France? The Macron France is not the same powerful ally from which Marquis de Lafayette hailed.

It is imperative that we ensure that Biden is not reelected and get behind whoever is nominated by the GOP. I think Trump deserves the opportunity to finish what he started, but we cannot be divided and give Biden more time to bring us to the point of no return. We are already on the brink.

We, the people, need to be united to take America back from the grip of the Marxist agenda perpetrated by Biden and company.

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