The Rise of Chaos

By John Cylc

May 17, 2023

As Conservatives, we tend to think of our opposition as “unintelligent”, primarily because they say or promote unbelievable ideas (men can get pregnant, voter fraud does not exist, sex with a Chinese spy does not compromise a US Representative, etc.). This has created a classic case of underestimation. Our actions have allowed the dangerous cancer of leftism and progressivism to eat away at our country’s societal and moral foundations. This may sound counter intuitive, but the breakdown of structure will ultimately lead to tighter control.

What have we learned about our political foes and their actions in the past decade or so? I am not just talking about those who have been elected. This question needs to be applied to the lot of them, including cultural icons, mouthpieces, and the masses. The enemies of freedom and their automatons have supported and acted in ways that:

-Foment hate and violence (murder, assault, looting, burning & rioting)

-Restrict and reduce law enforcement                           

-Enable uncontrolled borders

-Mock and remove social norms

-Destroy/weaken the military and corrupt federal agencies

-Champion compliance and cancel/eliminate dissention

-Villainize and erode Constitutionally protected rights

The Left pushes these actions, most just by indifference or silence. Although their beliefs differ somewhat on the surface, the final goal of all the Leftist groups is increasingly clear. Democrats, Socialists, Communists (“…but I repeat myself”), liberals, anarchists, and all similar Leftist organizations care about one thing-CONTROL. They want to control YOU, or anyone that does not think like them. Even their followers are okay with being controlled as long as it means their political rivals will be controlled too.

The chaos that they cause or promote leads to a breakdown of our nation, which may require an organized response. This is their plan. This is how the control is gained. It will be a reaction to the outcry and demand from the supportive media, government-funded social media stars, and their loyal followers/subscribers. That outcry will be organized and highlighted in all mass media.

A prime example is that since Obama’s first term, police have been relentlessly labelled racists and murderers. Are there bad cops? Yes, a very minute minority. Does that necessitate defunding and delegitimizing ALL police? No. However, the reduction in force, slashing of budgets and early retirements of many police, combined with low recruiting, negative media coverage, and increased crime (cashless bail and liberal sentences/early release), has created what will soon be a crisis of law enforcement staffing shortages. I envision a Democratic plan of a national police force (read the “standing army” that our Forefathers feared and warned against) to help our country in its time of need. This force will be full of politically correct leadership managing an army of woke progressives and social justice warriors. They would be chomping at the bit to get revenge against the supposed patriarchy and white supremacy that permeates all of America (read “Republicans and Conservatives”). That same “wokeness” is already permeating the U.S. military leadership.

A different example is the demonizing lawful gun-owners and carriers. The Left deflects the truth of inner-city gang violence (with illegal guns) and the occasional mass shooting, to attempt to remove gun rights. The ultimate prize would be an illegitimate removal of Second Amendment protections. Notice that I did not say “revoke” or “rescind” the “Right of the people” to “keep and bear arms”. That Right will always exist. The enemies of freedom just want to take the gloves off the government to violate that Right. An armed populace is a major obstacle in their quest for control.

A third example, in the limelight currently, is the Trump/Russia Collusion hoax. We now know definitively, thanks to the Durham Report, that it was all fabricated and based on a lie. It destroyed American’s trust in the FBI and Justice Department, and divided the country even more deeply than Obama’s underhanded “racism” campaign. The media promoted the lie. Democratic politicians claimed to have seen now proven non-existent evidence. The intelligence community leaders, who have finally been exposed as politically biased to the Left, promulgated the lie to every microphone shoved in their faces. The now infamous document signed by “50 Intelligence heads”, referred often by Joe Biden during his 2020 campaign, will merely be quietly swept under the rug, with ZERO repercussions for any of the signatories. There was zero concern that the public would lose trust in these once dependable institutions.

Originally, I was going to title this article “Democrats: The Party of Chaos”. As I thought more and more about how I would lay this piece out, it occurred to me that I was looking at it wrong. It is not about causing chaos. Their goal is providing a response. These pretend Americans do not care what their chaos does to our country, because it is a means to an end.

We are now seeing a prolonged, unprecedented campaign that has pulled the wool over the eyes of half of the United States. The relentless attacks on freedom cause a defensive response from the freedom loving. This causes the uninvolved and indifferent Americans to conclude it is the fault of “both sides”. That is false. If someone tried to steal your stuff and you fought back, you are justified. Now, imagine someone tried to steal your belongings every day. Would it be fair to categorize BOTH of you as the cause of the fight? Hell no! However, that is exactly what is happening. The thief is the Left and the “stuff” is your country.

America, as it was intended, designed, and built, has been corrupted. Our country is becoming unrecognizable on the way to its possible collapse.

The problem is not a foreign nation, although they encourage and support their ideological allies.

The problem is inside our borders.

The problem votes.

The problem is prevalent in our culture and media.

The problem runs our military, intelligence and federal agencies.

The problem occupies and/or controls our highest elected offices.

Their chaos has already taken root. It will grow. Staying silent is the soil. Political correctness is the water. Cowering from feigned “woke” outrage is the best fertilizer.

And all leftist ideology is the sunlight.

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