About John Cylc, Founder, Editor & Writer

John Cylc is an eight-year, U.S. Army veteran with a conservative, Christian point of view. John primarily speaks out on Second Amendment issues and contemporary political topics.

Born and raised in Philadelphia, he currently resides with his wife and youngest son in the Smoky Mountain foothills of beautiful East Tennessee.

He is a NewsMax.com Insider.

He has also previously written for TheFederalist.com and Lifezette.com.

“ThirteenFox” comes from John’s Military Occupational Specialty in the US Army, 13 Foxtrot. Also known as a “Forward Observer”, this role coordinates and provides indirect fire assets (artillery, air support, naval gunfire, etc) to infantry, calvary or other maneuver units.

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Twitter: @The2ndA

Facebook: ThirteenFoxOnline & 2ndAmendmentUSA

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