by John Cylc

November 29, 2022

Red wave>Red splash>Red trickle>Red drop>Pink mist. The hyped-up gains in the 2022 mid-term elections by Republicans and conservatives failed to materialize. There are a few reasons why. Will the leaders of the right look past the numbers, understand and adapt? I doubt it. The reasons are obvious to many of us, but hazy to those who do not want to see them clearly. That is a choice that will have consequences in future elections. It will definitely impact any 2024 decision.

First, from the Democrat side, their voter turnout and victories are due to three reasons-ideological indoctrination, gullibility, and hatred. These voters literally put a stroke victim with questionable motor and neurological capabilities into a United States Senate seat. It seems that you could put a “D” next to anyone/anything on a ballot and the loyal automatons would pull that lever. The long-term Democrat investment of working hand in hand with teachers’ unions is paying off as 61% of 18-24 year old voters went for the left. These two examples show indoctrination at its finest.

By blocking the opportunity to stop or deter the President’s inflation causing agenda, Democrat voters propped up the ability of the President to continue his freedom suppressing, China appeasement, incoherent babbling/gaffes/senile behavior, and his questionable-at-best family business dealings. The belief that his actions are blameless, benign, or good for the country is pure gullibility.

The last motivating factor for the left is hatred. Look at the behavior of college students. They hate anything conservative- candidates, beliefs, or policies. This is a result of the aforementioned indoctrination. They so firmly grasp progressive leftist, feel-good ideals base that they feel any opposing principle is a direct threat and must be silenced or destroyed, even if that “threat” is freedom.

Regarding Republican candidates, there was a massive, shining star, Ron Desantis. He blew out Democrat Charlie Crist. I watched as pundits claimed this was merely because of his actions surrounding Hurricane Ian. This is only partially true.

Although Ron Desantis has been embraced by both conservatives and Trumpists, you cannot count out the man already counted out once back in 2016, Donald Trump. They are both conservative, decisive, have the fight to stand up to critics and the media, and neither tolerates B.S., but DeSantis does not have to carry all the baggage.

Many conservatives, including politicians, will begrudgingly admit that Donald Trump did more for conservatism than anyone since Reagan, yet will still not support him. I blame this on what can only be cowardice. These weak-kneed frauds are unwilling to make the stand required to face those who primarily hate Trump (Leftists and the media), but also despise conservatism too. The fearfulness develops because it is much harder to stand up to an enemy than to oppose an ally.

Many “right-leaning” candidates have the same fear, which weakens our political caucus. Most fervent conservatives want to vote and will not vote for leftists, so many are forced to vote for weak “Republicans”. Many, however, will not even go to the polls for a proven RINO (Republican In Name Only).

Both Desantis and Trump have showed how to govern according to the Constitution. They have shown what kind of support you can garner if you just stand AGAINST the left and the media, while standing FOR Americanism and the principles/freedoms that made this country great.

No matter who does win the nomination, we will need him to finish the incredible mission started by DJT to fix our country, which has since been by nearly ruined by our current Incompetent-in-Chief.

“DECISION 2024” is really NO decision at all.

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