Are They Asking the Right Question?

By John Cylc

December 6, 2022

Human beings are potential killers. Humans have been killing humans since we were either created or crawled out of the primordial soup. Humans have killed other humans using heavy objects, sharpened steel, hands and yes, guns. The capability to end another’s life is inside every human, but most never feel the need, or even act on that felling if they do have it. If you were to believe the hyperbole from the left, firearms are what make humans dangerous. They perpetrate a false narrative that firearms cause more deaths than any item ever invented.

Every year tens of thousands of humans are poisoned (most accidentally with bad prescriptions or tainted illegal drugs), die in car accidents or weight-related complications (diabetes, heart attacks, etc.).

-With the enriching partnership of Democrats and pharmaceutical companies (free ineffective covid tests for all, mandated vaccine shots with multiple boosters that still do not protect anyone), we will not see much action against big pharma.

-Car companies fund enormous member-filled unions who funnel massive amounts of cash to Democrat campaigns, so they are safe. 

-Government benefits and payouts allow people to not even have to go to work, literally promoting a sedentary, unhealthy lifestyle to loyal, dependent DEM voters, so there will be no pressure to exercise or eat healthy from “Uncle Sugar”.

Instead, Democrats continuously focus on an item that is illegally used in @20,000 homicides yearly—firearms. About 25,000-30,000 commit suicide using firearms, but there is no massive liberal push for mental health solutions that would get sick people, especially homeless, off our streets. Would Democrats feel better if those poor souls jumped off a cliff or just used some of the massive amounts of fentanyl flowing across our supposedly closed border?

Besides the occasional mass shooting (another mental health issue), most firearm homicides are inner-city shootings between gangs and thugs who battle for control of the Democrat strongholds that liberal/leftist politicians ignore once elected. These are the places where cops are few and outnumbered, and where District Attorneys cut deals and downgrade charges to make statistics falsely show that crime is lower or dropping.

There is a simple and rational point that disproves holding the firearm responsible for these crimes. Conservatively, there are 100,000,000 U.S. gun owners, with a total of @300,000,000 firearms. If firearms were the problem, shouldn’t the firearm deaths be in the hundreds of thousands, or even in the millions? Maybe the government should attempt disarming all the criminals and leave everyone else alone?

Law abiding Americans, in increasing numbers, have decided to arm themselves to face the rising crime and lack of respect for human life that is plaguing our nation. These citizens have chosen responsibility, knowing that our government at all levels, even though bloated with employees, is merely reactive/responsive, and NOT proactive in protecting people. Courts have even ruled that “protect and serve” is merely a motto, and NOT a job function of the police.

Some people choose to do everything that they can to protect their loved ones, friends, neighbors and even strangers. They have a better chance to do such a thing if they are armed. Just think about any dangerous situation in which you would give up everything just to have one police officer come and save you. Now imagine how it would be different if you had the opportunity to defend yourself with a firearm. So, the question “Why do you feel the need to own a gun?” should not be asked of people like me.

The question “Why do you not feel the need to take responsibility for yourself, and others, and carry a gun?” should be asked of people like them.

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