Are you stupid?

By John Cylc

October 27, 2022

“If you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything at all.” That is an adage that many of us have heard. However, in this day of media loyalty to the Democratic party, some people might need a verbal slap in the face to understand that they are believing propaganda and outright lies. The left has abandoned civility. Maybe it is time to follow suit. Niceties be damned.

You voted for a President who shut down gas and oil pipelines, stopped work on other pipelines, shut down exploration and extraction from oil rich areas, and is beholden to the extremist environmentalist groups, but you believe when says he is not at fault for gas prices going up. Are you stupid?

You watched as President Biden and the Democrat controlled Senate raised the debt limit and passed giant spending bills ($1.9T American Rescue Plan, $1.2T Infrastructure bill, $740B Inflation Reduction Act) putting us even more deeply in debt. You now believe when the White House says that this did not contribute to the drastic inflation rise. Are you stupid?

You believe the lie about Voter Identification as being racist, even though you know it is easy and, if necessary, free to get such an ID. Knowing that voter fraud can swing an election, you believe the Democrat lie that it is racist to force someone to have an I.D., even though it is necessary to buy beer or cigarettes, board a plane, apply for any government assistance program, drive or rent a car, hunt or fish, marry, sign for a certified letter, open a bank account, and enter the DNC convention/headquarters. Are you saying black Americans cannot afford or figure out how to get an I.D.? That is real racism. Are you stupid?

You watched the 2018-2020 riots as major sections of cities burned, policemen were attacked and purposely ambushed, stores were looted as Democrats fought to “defund the police”. You believed the Democrats and media as they told you these were “mostly peaceful demonstrations” that were falsely portrayed as “rioters” by Fox News. Are you stupid?

You once voted against a man who made our country strong, brought back manufacturing jobs, started sealing the border, put our enemies on notice, organized Middle East peace plans, made us energy independent and lowered taxes for most Americans. Are you stupid?

You believed every new “bombshell allegation” against President Trump, mostly all based on anonymous sources, even as the previous “bombshell allegations” were proven false. You did this while not believing the overwhelming factual evidence presented against then-candidate Biden, his family, and their China dealings. Are you stupid?

You see thousands of foreign citizens illegally pouring over our southern border, many smuggling drugs like fentanyl, many drowning in the Rio Grande, and many being exploited or sexually assaulted. You believe that the “border is secure”. Are you stupid?

You screamed along with the Democrats telling the Supreme Court to “keep their rulings off our bodies” and then got upset when they sent abortion decisions back to the states and into the hands of voters, giving you exactly what you wanted. Are you stupid?

You continue the fight for women and Women’s Rights, but then support men competing against females in sports. Then you caught scientific amnesia, along with the rest of the left, when it comes to defining what makes a woman.  Are you stupid?

You watch an elderly man who shakes hands with ghosts, looks around for people who are dead, and cannot put a complete coherent sentence together. You believe he is fit to stay President. Are you stupid?

“The people will believe what the media tells them to believe.”-George Orwell

Stop believing the lies. I doubt that these examples will awaken many people from the zombie-like obedience of the Democratic party and media cabal. However, if this article opened the eyes of just one or two independents, it was worth the writing because…

IGNORANCE is NOT strength and FREEDOM is NOT slavery. Don’t believe the Leftists (Democrats) and their media.


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