A Tale of Two Presidents

by John Cylc

September 30, 2022

Sometime in June 2016, when it was apparent that Donald J Trump would eventually win the Republican nomination for the Presidential election, the mainstream media began an all-out daily assault. Any action or word by the eventual 45th President that would be misconstrued, misinterpreted, or twisted for the next 6 years, including in the now. Most major stories between 2016-2020 involving Trump were based on lies and misinformation.

Conversely, since Joe Biden became the Democratic nominee in 2020, the same gaggle of propagandists (the mainstream “media”) has become attorneys, spokespersons, and publicists for the eventual 46th President. There is no blank-eyed, open-mouthed gaffe, stumble, bumble, pants-pooping, fall, confusion or mistake that cannot be explained away by these professional, lying, Democrat advocates.

As the world wonders how we elected and keep an incoherent and clearly senile puppet as the leader of our country, our press agencies ignore their concerns and keep international media articles out of their coverage.

Yes, Donald Trump is a New York businessman who deals with construction and sometimes talks like that world. He is also a man who has inappropriate conversations with other men sometimes. He is, and was, not afraid of a fight and had to continuously defend himself from allegation.

Is Donald J. Trump a saint? No.

Was Donald J. Trump elected a s Pope? No.

Did Donald J. Trump ever profess to be either? No.

The man was elected to run a country that was in financial trouble, weakened on the world stage and starting to lean dangerously left. He was also because many of us knew that multiple seats would be coming open on the Supreme Court. Many voted for Trump to keep Hillary Clinton from filling those vacancies and creating a liberal flood of decisions taking the country even further left.

He did well. Our economy grew. Our manufacturing started coming back. We became energy independent. (Even liberals miss those days.) SCOTUS was rectified to truly reflect our country, which is slightly right-leaning in its beliefs.

Imagine if our 45th President did NOT do well. Think of the head-explosions of our media if Donald J. Trump:

-Babbled incoherently

-Never talked to the press or took questions

-Shook hands with imaginary people

-Needed constant guidance and instruction from his staff

-Searched and asked for dead congresspeople in the audience

-Garbled every statement and story he told

There would be a countdown timer on CNN and MSNBC calling for invoking the 25th Amendment, declaring Trump uncapable of performing his duties. There would be a parade of well-known psychiatrists and psychologists pronouncing DJT a veritable vegetable of a man. Hollywood would make movies showing the horrors of having a senile President and how it would lead to a world war, an economic depression, and a zombie apocalypse.

However, is spite of the current “Commander-in-Chief” (is he really?) having done all of those things mentioned, there are few stories, even from many of the so-called “right” websites and channels. Where are the calls to remove Biden as a legitimately mentally incompetent buffoon? You will not see them, because if it was exposed as true, we might demand to know out who is really running our country right now…

…and that cannot be exposed. Those who are helping to destroy America, from the inside, want to stay in the shadows.

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