Did the Founding Fathers Put Too Much Faith in the Citizenry?

By John Cylc

August 10, 2022

Politicians love politics. Americans do not.

Politicians view politics as a way to gain or increase power.

Americans view politics as propaganda, distorting facts, or outright lying.

Politicians view politics as business as usual.

Americans view politics as reneging on our Constitutional agreement to have a government “of the people, by the people, and for the people.”

It seems the Democrats have now lowered their politics to that of a third world country, using it to attack and persecute political opponents.

Think it is both parties that do this? Let us play a game. Regarding the following acts, which should be construed as a crime against or threat to our country, making it worthy of a government raid to gather evidence?

1-Using an unauthorized, unsecure computer server to handle secure and sensitive government communications, allowing foreign adversaries the opportunity to access said servers.

2-Using your government and political positions as leverage to enrich your family by making foreign deals with adversarial countries.

3-Using your government and political positions as leverage to quash any investigations by foreign governments into your and your families influence peddling.

4-Saying often used terms about protesting that, when replayed out of context, could be twisted to show you motivated unarmed citizens to protest at the US Capitol, where some were overzealous, yet still allowed into the building by security and Capitol police, where they took pictures, broke some windows, and yelled loudly.

5-Having a dispute with the National Archives about documents kept/returned from your time as President.

Democrats committed the first three instances, none of which triggered an FBI raid on a business or home. Only the Republican on the list suffered such a response.

Clearly this is not actually a game. This is an illustration of how the United States “Justice” Department has fully converted to the United States Department of Democrat Protection and Furtherance. During the entire Russia Collusion hoax, conservative talking heads have preached that only the DOJ and FBI leadership is corrupted. However, at some point, when you do not stand up or speak up against your boss for inappropriate conduct, you become an accessory. (Does “just following orders” ring a bell?) The FBI and DOJ are full of complicit accessories.

The raid on Mar-a-Lago and Donald Trump’s offices were either based on either:

  • Biased testimony in politically biased proceedings that offered no chance of rebuttal or defense.


  • The disagreement with the National Archives over disputed documents for which there have already been negotiations


  • The premise of the missing documents merely as a pretext to find anything to use against Donald Trump to keep him from running in 2024 or leak to the public to embarrass/discredit him.

The January 6th hearings were as legitimate as any of the Russia collusion or impeachment trials, which it to say not at all. The televised “hearings” have used hearsay and rumors to prove an “insurgency” that never occurred. The event was a small riot at worst, or just instances of vandalism against a public building at best. Were there crimes? Yes. Was it an “insurrection”? No. Some people died from medical conditions, but the only person killed was an unarmed, veteran, white female, shot by a black, male guard known for once leaving his gun in the US Capitol bathroom. The left loves to throw race and gender around, so we should ensure the public knows the full facts also.

How soon people have forgotten Code Pink invading the House and Republican National Convention. No one accused them of an “insurgency.”

Remember the teachers’ unions taking over state legislature buildings, which was celebrated by Democrats and the media. Again, no “insurgency” claims.

Make no mistake. “insurgency” claims only apply to Trump supporters. Our Constitution is just about null and void if you are vocal about the 45th U.S. President or conservative values.

-Many of the January 6th defendants are still suffering cruel and unusual punishment with indefinite suspensions while being denied representation.

-Social media platforms are suppressing pro-Trump voices and negative (but TRUE) Democrat stories, while promoting anti-Trump lies.

-The media has become a wing of the Democrat party.

-Churches and religions are being forced to follow laws that go against their religion.

-Elections have been compromised with fraud from mail-in balloting and non-citizen voting, with any attempt to secure them being called racist or suppressive.

-Our border is not being secured or defended.

-Our personal and private communications are being monitored.

-Second amendment rights are constantly being challenged and restricted.

-Legislators are bought and paid for, getting rich while supporting special interests instead of their citizens.

-Mask and vaccination mandates have cost people their jobs and livelihoods.

-Our military is being compromised with social agendas.

-School boards and districts indoctrinate our students against our values, while the parents who speak up are considered “domestic terrorists.”

These examples do not demonstrate “a free society.”

This is control.

This is an erosion of our Republic.

Damn, Ben Franklin was truly prophetic when he stated, “If you can keep it.”

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