The Trinity of Bad Influence on America

By John Cylc

 July 27, 2022

The right kind of influence is very effective. Using social media “influencers” is now very popular with businesses hawking their wares. It is a tactic also utilized by the Biden administration when pushing Covid vaccinations. This current technique is an offshoot of an old favorite Democrat and media tool-creating a “boogeyman”. Fear is one of the best ploys to influence American opinion. Exposing who is doing such will expose the real boogeymen that you should truly fear most.

My first recognition of coordinated attacks was in the 80’s. I remember the gradually increasing efforts throughout my childhood against an industry that really should not garner any sympathy. “Big Tobacco” was vilified, fittingly, for what they did to Americans and how they covered medical findings up. Most people would agree that they deserved the increase of strict regulations and eventual deconstruction of the cigarette empires.

After that relatively successful campaign, the focus was turned on to the next target of the left- “Big Oil”. This went hand in hand with the ever-growing relationship between Democrats and environmentalists. While the world still ran, and still runs, on petroleum products, the demonization of another diversionary boogeyman to help get Democratic regulatory controls and legislation passed.

Following the 2008 financial crisis, the next villain on the list was “Big Business”. Although some did profit off the economic downturn, all major corporation and financial institutions became targets. Pressure on them to change (read “submit”) was increased by coordinated protests from leftist groups like “Occupy Wall Street”. These groups were glorified by the media, which forced executives and boards to liberalize company policy or make huge donations to favored liberal organizations. 

I am quite surprised that during the riots of 2018 and the anti-police/defund the police movement that followed, that we did not see the “Big Police” term used repeatedly. Considering how much negative coverage was produced about police, I feel the coordinators at Leftist HQ missed that opportunity.

As either Republicans, Conservatives or Trump supporters, our focus and marketing should be about exposing a group that coordinates and cooperates against our Republic- “Big Government”, “Big Tech” and “Big Media”. These three groups blatantly obfuscate facts, lie about intentions, and suppress the truth. Individually, they would not be effective. However, the coordination between the three enables them to influence almost half of America’s population. The effectiveness of their efforts that protects them. Convincing half of the population that, despite what they see, your lies are truthful and that those stating what is true are lying, creates the groundwork for an Orwellian society.

The term “doublethink” from the book “1984” is defined as “acceptance of gross contradictions and falsehoods”. It ensures that the aware half will have a hard time stopping the process and exposing the lies, because the mind of the fooled will never accept the truth despite clear evidence.

Big Government consists of two main groups. The leadership are the elected officials who have done little their whole life in the private sector. These are Senators and Representatives who have “served” for many decades, under which their states or districts have gotten worse, yet they continue to blame the other party. You can recognize them by seeing that their income has grown incredibly, by tens or hundreds of millions, while their income is only a couple hundred thousand per year. Their financial success undoubtedly comes mostly from backroom deals, using classified information to make financial decisions and investments, and using influence to get huge government contracts for their donors. The biggest perk of long-term political office is learning and perfecting how to work the system.

The other half of Big Government is what Donald J Trump called “The Deep State”. There is no official organization except for having the same political leanings (Democrat, which now means leftist, which is really socialist, which ultimately would become communist). Winks, nods, and knowing looks are how things get done in this kind of a corrupted bureaucracy. Tainted political leadership announces its agenda and attack list during press conferences and interviews by highlighting opponents. An unrestricted platform is given to them by Big Media and Big Tech.

If you are not aware already, Big Tech consists of social media platforms, the biggest web browsers, and software companies. Twitter and Facebook reserve and brazenly use censorship for us opponents of the anti-American “conspiracy”. Big Tech also has ensured some alternative social media sites have not been able to grow or succeed. Big Tech restricts any media outlet that allows truthfulness. (Remember Hunter Biden’s laptop story during the 2020 election?) They use hidden algorithms to suppress conservative or pro-Trump accounts and posts. Big Tech filters out positive results for internet searches involving anything from the right side of the aisle.

Big Government + Big Media + Big Tech = Big Problems for the United States.

Our country is sitting on a razor’s edge of control vs freedom.

The outcome is unclear even as freedom-loving patriots fight back.

If we do not, or we fail, the outcome will be unavoidable.

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