The NY Post Wants New Yorkers Defenseless

by John Cylc

Published on Newsmax on May 5, 2022

On April 30th, 2022, the New York Post editorial board wrote an opinion piece about an upcoming ruling by the Supreme Court on a challenge to a law requiring New York citizens to provide “proper cause” for receiving an unrestricted firearm carry permit. The post asks readers to “pray” that SCOTUS doesn’t leave the Empire state “defenseless to control a flood of weapons on the street”. According to the state of New York, the citizenry’s right to protect itself amid rising crime totals, is not enough to justify permit issuance.

The 441 shooting victims this year already, along with the 488 shooting deaths last year, may indicate that the streets are already flooded with guns, almost all in the hands of criminals and gang members. Citizens should have a right to defend themselves from those thugs, should they not? The writer of the editorial thinks there is no need for “every Tom, Dick and Harriet” to be carrying a firearm. Should Tom, Dick and Harriet just accept that they or their family members might get shot?

While discussing the horrible surge of crimes in NYC, nowhere in the article does it mention the reversal of many of Giulian’s policies (stop & frisk, higher funding for NYPD) that cleaned up the city after the deadly 80’s. It is so easy for leftists to overlook Republicans needing to continuously apply law and order to clean up after Democrats whose policies cause the unsafe streets. Mayors Koch and Dinkins set the example for Bill Diblasio on how to ruin a beautiful city.

The last line of the article sums up the biggest lie spread by the anti-Second Amendment crowd- “But forcing New York to let anyone at all carry a firearm anywhere they want, no questions asked, is a recipe for disaster.” This tired argument has been used for a long time and proven false by the 25 Constitutional carry states. If the bloodbaths predicted did come true, we would have seen it by now. Instead, our growing population of firearm owners (more firearms being carried by more individuals) in these states have given us less firearm homicides. That is the opposite of what has happened in the Democrat controlled inner cities with restrictive gun laws.

To show support of restrictive gun laws, the NY Post should remove all security, especially armed, from their buildings. Their Editorial Board could then just “pray” for their employee’s safety.

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  1. The question at issue isn’t whether NY can require permits, but whether, having established a permit requirement, NY then has the authority to deny without cause.

    Should NY have the discretion to choose only to the wealthy and politically connected?

    The answer should be no. It may well be that NY needs stricter requirements than Vermont. More extensive training, more intensive background checks, etc. But for NY to refuse to issue to someone who meets those requirements based on nothing more than “I don’t think she needs one” is unsupportable.

    Especially when people with no qualifications other than political influence seem to have no difficulty.

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