The Speedbump on the Road to Equality

by John Cylc

A Newsmax article

April 8, 2022

Achievements by select women are being ignored. Successful women are being cheated. When will the truly strong women stand up and say “enough!”? Where are the “brave” pink hat wearing mobs to point out the misrepresentation of women? Where are the big mouths from the woman-led panel known as “The View”?

Am I talking about judicial pioneers like Sandra Day O’Connor? Do I speak of fact-based political voices like Candace Owens? Is this article referring to distinguished intellectual minds such as Condoleezza Rice? No, although these conservative females and their achievements do get often “overlooked” by the modern-day leftist media. I am referring to “should-be” female athletics champions like Emma Weyant and Chelsea Mitchell.

Emma Weyant was the runner up in NCAA Division I 2022 500-meter freestyle finals.

Chelsea Mitchell finished third in the 2019 Connecticut 55-meter dash women’s championship.

What separates these two non-victorious females from fellow women champion athletes making them worth individual mention? They both lost to competitors who were born biological males. Chelsea actually took third behind TWO opponents who were both born with penises.

Women love to accuse men of thinking with their penises. Removing that specific appendage would neither change the person’s thinking, nor their physiological self. Some people will automatically ask if the transgenders had “transitioned” yet. That does not and should not even matter. Media and government continuously fed us lies while preaching “follow the science” during the Covid pandemic. They cannot now deny (but they probably will) that even with the penis gone, there are distinct competitive advantages to the male form.

-Higher percentage of muscle relative to body weight

-Lower body fat percentage

These two facts combine to result in a more prominent strength for men.

Removing a penis does not make a woman. It merely creates a man without a penis. Such an belief would otherwise imply that even a soldier who suffers a catastrophic, below the waist injury, would then be considered a female. That is preposterous. Any woman would whole-heartedly agree that there is more to being female than just a lack of a penis.

Two developments have now broken through to oppose and potentially rebuke the woke culture of transgenderism.

A woman’s group has sued the University of Pennsylvania for a Title IX violation for allowing Lia Thomas, a transgender male, to compete on the woman’s swim team. A press release from Concerned Women for America states, “Thomas is anatomically and biologically a male with physical capacities that are different from anatomically and biologically female athletes, which extends an unfair advantage and strips female student-athletes of opportunities afforded to them by law.”

Of course, this is a conservative Christian group standing up for women athletes. Where are the Democrats, liberals, and leftists? I thought they claimed themselves to be champions of women.

The second newsworthy item is that Kentucky and South Carolina, both having Republican led state Houses of Representatives, have passed legislation to ban transgender men from competing in women’s sports in public schools. Kentucky’s governor, a Democrat has vetoed his state’s bill. South Carolina’s Republican governor is expected to sign his bill that was passed despite more than 1,000 amendments proposed by (you should be able to guess it by now) SC democrats.

Most conservatives or Republicans do not care what a person assumes or pretends to be, so long as it does not hurt another person. We do, however, refuse to pretend along with that person.

Women have long suffered due to varying forms of oppression from men throughout history. In recent decades, the women’s liberation movement has made great strides for the fairer sex. The playing field is still not level, but wokeness has just put a finger on the scale in the wrong direction.

Men may not like what is happening, but we cannot stop this. To resume the effort for equality, it will be up to women to remove their newest impediment—woke culture.

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