Left, Govt Absorb Responsibility —and Our Rights and Freedoms

by John Cylc

Published on Newsmax January 6, 2022

Our nation’s political struggle was, until very recently, one of “conservative versus liberal.”

However, leftists have hijacked liberalism and made it subservient to their ideology.

Conservatism celebrates freedom, working hard, and doing what is right.

In this long-held belief system, not only should a free American citizen take responsibility for his or her actions, but our society should also hold individuals responsible for their chosen behaviors.

In the wake of the leftist takeover of the Democratic Party, and the United States being founded on liberty and individual responsibility, the battle for our country’s soul is now most accurately described as a conflict between “Americanism versus leftism.” 

Liberalism and leftism want to take away both the responsibility and freedom of choice.

So, you don’t believe me?

What party supported the shutdown of Parler because they allowed conservative posts?

What party supported Twitter censoring conservatives, banning true articles about Hunter Biden’s laptop and removal of the account of the president of the United States?

What party called for major cable companies to remove Newsmax from the air?

Those are direct attacks on the First Amendment that would restrict an American’s right to choose how and where they get their information. The “Woke” mob and “Cancel Culture” attempt daily to eliminate anything that the leftists hate or oppose — whether you want or need it.

In the matter of law and order, Democratic governors, mayors, attorneys general, district attorneys and prosecutors have been ignoring insane amounts of crime by making excuses for an individual’s behavior.

Leftist riots, inner-city gang-war shootings and organized lootings have had not only few prosecutions, but hardly any arrests.

Even though video surveillance has caught multiple lawbreakers in the act, follow up action by police has minimal. In many instances of felony arrests, gun violence perpetrators are released with no repercussions.

Apparently, to help ensure more individuals can get away with their crimes, Democrats created, then promoted and celebrated the “Defund the Police” movement in 2020.

Less police officers would mean more criminals would get away with more crimes.

Yet, in the same breath, these lefties also want to take away your ability to protect yourself with firearms. Of course, they give lip-service to “allow” certain “approved” weapons in your home, but most random violent attacks (murder, assault, rape) occur outside the home.

In most states run by Democrats, you must beg permission from bureaucratic authorities to carry a firearm to protect yourself and loved ones (Good luck getting that approved in New Jersey).

Remember, criminals ask no one for permission — at any time. 

Like everything leftist, this disregard for individual responsibility has a political bias.

Equal application of the law is irrelevant to the left.

Which politicians you support determines your culpability in their eyes.

Many conservatives and Trump supporters are still in jail for a supposed “insurrection” in D.C. on Jan. 6, 2021. The accused were protesting purported election fraud.

There were no fatalities except for one protester (shot by police) and a couple guards who had medical issues.

Videos exist of guards and police letting many protestors into the Capitol building.

There were no guns.

This was without a doubt the worst insurrection in history.

It seems that the media supporting the “insurrection” hyperbole has forgotten that Democrats have conducted themselves similarly in the past.

Can America survive without individual responsibility?

Thomas Jefferson may have answered that question this way, “Responsibility is a tremendous engine in a free government.”

Removing responsibility from individuals will not eliminate it.

Responsibility will just be absorbed by the government, your rights and freedoms along with it, which is the exact goal of the leftists.

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