The Slow-Fading Taste of Freedom

by John Cylc

Published on Newsmax on March 22, 2022

March 01, 2022

Russia invades a sovereign nation. Back fifty, thirty or even twenty years ago, this would have probably taken just 2–3-days as nations and their people capitulated. Most of the occurrences like this in the post-WW2 days were merely one oppressor being traded for another. Ukraine has shown us that that way may be dead, and the internet just might be the reason.

When our Founding Fathers decided to remove themselves from under the thumb of King George, it was something new. Tyranny was rejected in favor of freedom. Foreign rule was replaced with self-governance. The difference was the experience of being in America. There was a freedom about exploring, establishing, and expanding a new land. People were responsible for themselves in North America. There was a feeling of being separate from the mother country, and people enjoyed it. They decided to make it permanent when Parliament decided to start taxing the colonists to pay for England’s wars and needs but refused to give representation to their distant subjects. Tyranny was recognized and rejected.

People around the world took note as the information about the American battle for independence, and eventual victory, slowly traveled the world. It was the spark to a slow simmering of freedom that spread to the corners of the Earth. It was not however accepted absolutely.

I remember learning about “Tories” in history class as a kid. It always bothered me that a large majority of our pre-United States ancestors could be described as such. Depending on how they were to view the world, at worst they supported a King’s tyranny. Even in the best-case scenario, it was still a non-representative government. After living through the last 24 months of covid-19 lockdowns, I think I may understand how some of the patriots who fought during the revolution may have felt.

Fast forward @250 years later. We are in the information age. The internet, for all its flaws and time-wasting ability, makes freedom visible to all. No longer are people blind to the happiness of self-governing and individual rights. No longer are people dependent on biased news organizations. Information is out there for people who want the truth.

Just as in the Revolutionary War days, many of our current day fellow Americans blindly, wholeheartedly, and gullibly support oppressive government at all levels. However, just like then, freedom-loving people are now standing up for themselves, even to the supposedly “representative” governments who are leaning towards “oppressive”. (Right, Mr. Biden and Mr. Trudeau?)

Ukraine is setting the standard for the non-cowering people of the world. The internet is being used to raise funds, organize supplies, and spread information to Ukrainian citizens determined to fight for themselves. They have demonstrated the determination and courage of America’s Founding Fathers. Thanks to Elon Musk, Starlink is helping keep them in touch with the rest of the world and each other. Hopefully, the will of freedom and flow of information can help fend off the massive oppressive force of Russia.

In Asia, China feels that Taiwan is part of their Sino Empire. The island nation is in a similar situation to Ukraine, but technologically they are more advanced. They have the fastest internet access in the world, while Ukraine is 81st. Theoretically, the people should have more access to knowledge of freedoms and rights. Hopefully, they have same desire to be free and motivation to resist. If so, and if China should decide to go after Taiwan, I hope the trend for freedom-loving and self-reliance continues.

Once people have a taste for, or even just knowledge of freedom, they want it for themselves and the ones they love. It seems we are at somewhat of a crossroads in time. If we keep the information flowing, we may get to witness the last gasp of tyranny and oppression.

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