Lockdown Has Exposed the New Tories

Newsmax Article, May 7, 2020

Our country is alive with “Tories 2.0.” This time they are not supporting the tyranny of a king. Their loyalty this time around is to overreaching government bureaucracy and it seems that it is not limited to that of the United States only.

Tories were the colonists living in North America who supported the British during the American Revolution. Some merely stood by doing nothing. Some actively opposed the Patriots by snitching, spying or sabotaging. Some took up arms against their future countrymen. These colonists were either content to be under the King’s thumb or were cowards, afraid to “rock the boat.”

Coronavirus has helped us to see the Tories among us. The government lockdown has been seen by many as an overreach, especially since the numbers that they used to base these restrictions on have been wildly inaccurate. However, many Democratic governors are not letting up.

Quarantines have been used throughout history on those who have had, been suspected of having, or been exposed to, diseases. This is the first nationwide quarantine, and it affected everyone, even those people who were not sick. The primary classic justification of abusers and tyrants is the harmful actions are “for your own good.”

If these “lockdowns” can be put into place merely to keep us from a slim possibility of getting sick, where does the overreach stop?

Is this year’s coronavirus scare a blueprint for quarantines during future bad flu seasons?

Perhaps government decides that too many people have died from heart attacks. Do politicians now feel that they have the authority to shut down all fast food restaurants? Maybe they can ban all deep fryers? We have seen this attempted on a local level with Bloomberg trying to ban large sodas. It was eventually ruled unlawful, but that doesn’t mean other authoritarians will not attempt similar legislation. If it goes to any of the “Constitution is a living document” judges, they may very well say the intent of government enables it to violate your rights.

Maybe dietary restrictions are just the beginning. Mandated exercise could be the next step. Do not forget, the people most supporting these actions are primarily the same people who want government to take over the healthcare system of the United States. Should it ever happen, some unelected bureaucrat could potentially decide how much sunlight you can enjoy, how much iced tea you can give your kid, what cities you can visit during vacation or any other random choice that you used to have the freedom to make for yourself.

The media is extremely supportive of the government actions and condemn those in opposition. One “journalist” called those who believe in, and reference, the Constitution as “freedom obsessed.” Rest assured, Mr. Anand Giridharadas, there were many Tory newspapers and journalists during the Revolutionary War also. I wonder if government started restricting these “fake news” networks, or even legitimate reporting, how “freedom obsessed” Mr. Giridharadas and the rest of the mainstream media would suddenly become? My hunch is that they all would instantly assume roles of “Constitutional Scholars”!

While there are a growing number of Americans who are protesting or ignoring the prolonged lockdowns, many of their fellow countrymen are content to stay home and accept “free money” from the government. Stimulus, unemployment and paid leave are, in some cases, higher than normal salary. These lockdown supporters resent and criticize those who merely want to re-open their businesses, go back to work or just want to demonstrate to the government that they have had enough.

They use the false media narratives, inflated projected numbers that have proven false so far, and social pressure to push back against those who prefer sweet, dangerous freedom over the current bureaucratic slavery.

These “Americans” are the Tories 2.0.


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