Your Rights and Freedoms are HATED.

A Exclusive

by John Cylc

November 16, 2021

As I am writing this opinion piece, there is no verdict yet in the Kyle Rittenhouse case. As I watch some of the coverage of the trial, I find myself thinking, “Why do people on the left have such hatred for a mere boy who defended his own life”?

I watch as the media mouths denigrate his actions while ignoring many of the circumstances that led up to the actual pulling of the trigger.

The politicians and talking heads attack the firearm.

They defend the rioters who looted and burned Kenosha that night.

They infer that the victims’ handgun was somehow “less-deadly” than the AR-15 that Rittenhouse carried.

They defend the man who bashed a mere boy over the head with a skateboard. Yes, it is technically a non-lethal instrument, but it is a heavy, blunt object that has become a regular tool in the armory of Antifa, anarchists and the other brownshirt-like forces of the left. These violence-driven enforcers know that they can carry them legally, but still use them to seriously hurt their enemies, just like the bear spray, helmets, and other everyday devices they bear.

There is no common sense to these actions, but as my Father-in-Law once told me, “Common sense is the least common thing today”.

Once I got my thoughts organized and realized the “why” of their actions, how this incident fit into the bigger picture made sense. It comes down to the only thing voters can truly count on Democrats providing—dependency. It is the major Democrat goal that they are never brave enough to state out loud but will always deliver without fail.

The Democrat Dependency Program ensures the continuance of liberal power in major urban centers. The plan is brilliant, if you are looking to “fundamentally transform” this once great and free nation. The politicians want you to count on them and get mad if you question their power or act independently. We have seen how angry government agencies get when people assert their rights and freedoms. Isn’t that right, parents who go to school board meetings and are now labelled as “domestic terrorists”?

-Take away peoples’ arms, and they depend on government protection.

-Take away peoples’ rights, and they become dependent on government permission.

-Take away peoples’ responsibilities, and they become dependent on government guidance.

-Take away peoples’ education, jobs, and money, and they become dependent on government handouts.

The most blatant, yet undiscussed, aspect of this Rittenhouse situation, and that of the entire riotous summer of 2020, is that these very government officials who are supposed to protect the cities and their constituents, pulled back and tied the hands of their police forces and let these riots happen! Those who willingly vote their own rights away for governmental security by voting for these leftist politicians are unknowingly voting for a big letdown.

As the late, great Paul Harvey once stated, “If your government is big enough to give you everything you want, it is big enough to take away everything you have.

He probably didn’t realize that one day this phrase would become the Democrat platform.


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