An Open Apology for Biden’s America

by John Cylc

November 24, 2021

Dear Free World:

On behalf of Americans who know what “being American” entails, we regretfully apologize for our absence of leadership during this worldwide struggle between freedom and tyranny here on Earth.

We have allowed the peddling of misinformation and disinformation to influence enough simple-minded, lazy, selfish, and dependent fellow citizens to put a majority of communist and socialist sympathizing representatives into Congress. This regrettable occurrence has culminated with the election of an easily influenced dementia patient with no moral compass or backbone into our White House.

First and foremost, our national desire to be the world’s dominant military, bolstered by the leading economy, has faded, and been replaced by appeasement to political correctness and ironically named “social justice”. This has allowed our old nemeses to start intimidating not only their neighbor states, but also ethnicities and religious groups.

  • China builds its military off our own mismanagement of funds. Interest alone, paid to them for money we borrowed, is assisting the Chinese Communist Party in building their military arsenal in hopes of one day (soon) replacing us as the dominant world power. We have stood by and done nothing to assist Taiwan during these threatening times except for some empty promises that NO ONE believes. We have kept our mouths shut as the Chinese Uighurs are being systematically eliminated through slave labor and persecution.
  • Russia sees our weakness and is again probing into Ukraine. Our former Cold War adversary is repositioning troops into the region. They are also rebuilding their arsenal. Putin sees our leadership weakness and see what we did in Afghanistan. Abandoning allies (and even American citizens!!!) during a conflict will only embolden our enemies.

Along the economic lines, our illustrious leader has determined that even though our country is responsible for so much freedom and good, it would somehow be evil to be a world leader in oil/gas exports. Biden immediately shut down pipeline construction and revoked oil/gas leases on federal land after he was elected to ensure the U.S. was no longer energy independent. He did this in the name of environmentalism, even though we are still burning gas in our cars! We are just enriching other countries to do it. I guess North American oil burns worse than Russian or Arabic oil?

Now, our President goes “hat in hand” asking OPEC to increase production. It is abundantly clear that a man elected as Senator in the state with the most registered businesses (Delaware), does not understand business, especially supply chain. I wonder how his family gained such enormous wealth merely off public service?

Morally, this leftist puppet in the White House has ensured that moral degradation and confusion are  our main exports.

  • Men having XY chromosomes and penises, while women have XX chromosomes and vaginas, is no longer science in the United States. Soon, little girls all around the world will be forced to use a public bathroom with 40-year-old men who “identify” as women.
  • Babies in the womb with beating hearts, emotions and reactions to physical stimuli are not to be considered human, enabling their termination using barbaric methods. However, destroying the nest of a Bald Eagle with an egg will get you large fines and jail time.
  • Police as a whole are considered racist and evil. Looters, rioters, and arsonists are defined by this administration as “peaceful protesters”. These is the same political party that sees Democratic Israel as a bully, but terrorist organizations lobbing rockets and bombs into civilian villages without provocation, as “oppressed, freedom-fighters”.
  • A boy defending himself from near certain death and parents speaking out at school board meetings, are labelled “domestic terrorists” by this administration.

Finally, after defending his not-so-well-hidden business partner China against accusations of the “Lab Leak Theory”, Joe Biden is now leading the effort for exactly what America’s Founding Fathers feared: tyranny. He is pushing for mandatory vaccinations, while protecting the vaccine manufacturers from getting sued for side effects and bad reactions! His administration is now pushing vaccinations of children and teens, in the face of evidence that they are statistically safe. The side effects are proving a greater threat to children than COVID itself.

I envision that if a few justices on our Supreme Court lean the wrong way, people will be banned from grocery stores and restaurants without a Vaccine Passport. The Democrats are probable having wet dreams of banning unvaccinated people from voting since their ideological sheeple are gladly rolling up their sleeves. Conservatives and Republicans are the hold outs.

The outlook appears bleak. Socialism & Communism are idealized by the leftists of not only this country, but of the globe. Capitalism, the economic reason for the strength of the many free nations, is being chastised as “greedy”. Too many people now think government should provide everything they need or want. There is no understanding of “too big of a government” for these people.

Government provided housing, food, phones, childcare, and healthcare has been done before, but how soon we as a species forget that those countries had to have walls and armed guards around the borders to keep people in.

The fall of Democracy does not require a stretch of the imagination, especially if America is leading the effort. We, the people of this once great nation, have allowed too much to happen in a short time. Only we can change the direction, but having the numbers and fortitude to do so, is yet to be seen.

We urge you to look to our Australian brothers and sisters for inspiration. They are turning out in the tens of thousands in the streets to protest the rearing of the ugly head of despotism. Unfortunately, they allowed themselves to be disarmed decades ago. Now their bite has no teeth.

Americans only have the arms. Australians only have the balls. Hopefully, both situations change soon…for the sake of freedom everywhere.

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