Teach The Unknowing…Even The Ones Who May Hate You

by John Cylc

September 21, 2021

America was founded my men who believed in individual responsibility, limited government, and freedom to make their own choices. I love this country and consider it a duty to ensure it survives for not only my children, and those of the entire nation. This means protecting it from any threats, including foreign entities, dangerous political ideologies, and especially traitors to the Constitution who have infiltrated our government.

To those who have been called “patriots” in a derogatory way by the left, it is clear how our system is failing. Ultimately, that is the goal of our enemies. The biggest problem is that one of the main safeguards of our country’s freedoms has been corrupted. I am referring to a free and fair media. That collective group has always pushed the “free” aspect. It seems as if the “fair” part is totally ignored in favor of their support of an ideology. It is the same ideology that is eroding our core values and is assisting in “fundamentally transforming the United States of America”.

One sure sign that the government is separated from our Founder’s designs and intentions is the classification of “patriots”, “T.E.A. Party” and “constitutionalists” as “fringe elements”, “radicals” or even “terrorists”. Though these accusations do occasionally come from the mouths of our elected, it is the deep-rooted bureaucrats and intelligence agencies that hold these beliefs as policy. The aforementioned media props these falsehoods up as fact, using their reputations to sway our nation. Those reputations have been earned over decades but are now fading and being tarnished in less than 4 election cycles.

Many of our fellow citizens still believe the media, so it falls to us, those who see through the slants, mischaracterizations and outright lies, to enlighten our fellow Americans. There are three types of people in this country who may not see the world as we do.

-The constant bombardment of fake news has almost brainwashed a large percentage

-Many Americans just asked to “be left out of it” because they do not want to be involved

-Some people have instead been filled with some much hatred of conservatives (especially Trump supporters) that they willingly ignore the obvious bias.

The last type are the ones who may be unreachable. Instead, we must use non-aggressive tactics to reach the indifferent and “unwash” the brains of the others.

The person that does not get involved in politics does not understand that this is NOT about politics. It is about our country. To get through to these people, we must carefully and slowly introduce them to facts regarding what our government is doing and how it may affect ALL of us. Every person has their own “absorption rate” for the truth. It may take months or years of careful conversation guidance to sway some of them, but if you care about that person, it will be worth it in the long run.

Believe it or not, it will be easier to get through to someone who is already involved, but on the wrong side (left) of the issues. The fact that they observe what is happening gives us the opportunity to have discussion. However, we cannot reach the brainwashed by yelling, calling names or by cutting them off from our lives. We must instead approach with:

-calm while absorbing any accusations

-understanding while tolerating any verbal abuse

-reason when confronted with outlandish accusations

-facts when confronted with untruths and misrepresentations

These propositions may sound difficult, but if each of us can open the eyes of one person in our lives, it doubles our influence. That is what it will take to “right the ship.” When we think about what our Founding Fathers and the Americans of the time went through, this is surely something that we can handle.

We owe to them.

We owe it to us.

We owe it to our children.

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