The Enemies of Freedom Never Relent

by John Cylc

August 3rd, 2021

They will eventually come for your guns. It may not be tomorrow or next week. It may not be next month or next year. How do I know? Evil and tyranny never rest. They merely bide their time…waiting for a resurgence of apathy or ignorance.

Australia. Like the United States of America, a fellow ex-British colony, it once had a population of armed citizens. The “Land Down Under” also espoused the idea of individualism like the U.S. That changed almost overnight after the Port Arthur massacre in 1996, which left 35 people dead. The call for gun control was championed by the media, liberals, and leftists (but I repeat myself) of the country. Automatic and semiautomatic weapons were banned. New licensing requirements were created. A national gun registry was established. A 28-day waiting period was added. A new tax was levied on citizens to fund a $500,000,000 gun buyback which was used to destroy over 600,000 firearms. This all happened in mere months. Individualism gave way to societal conformity.

Did homicide rates drop from the mid-90’s until now? Yes, but also in the United States, which still has at least 100,000,000 firearms.

Did this eliminate gun homicides and mass killings? No. However, the disarmament of this once free country created two possible (probable) major issues.

The first is that the continent is now more vulnerable to overly aggressive China. Now the Australian military is a proud force, but it boasts only 60,000 active personnel compared to China’s 2.2 million. There’s also the problem of 48 naval ships vs. 777 ships for China, including 2 Aircraft carriers.

Remember the often referenced (probably mistakenly) quote by Admiral Yamamoto? “You cannot invade the mainland United States. There would be a rifle behind every blade of grass.” Well, China no longer needs to worry about a similar problem in Australia. The resource-rich country may now be a sitting duck to their superpower-wannabe neighbors in the Pacific.

The second major issue is that disarmed Australians are no longer free citizens. The lefts desire to only arm police and military is now a reality to the Aussies.

Government officials have total control. It shows in their most recent actions. The powers-that-be have instituted new draconian COVID lockdowns. Despite low numbers of cases of the Delta variant, residents must now obey a 6pm curfew and cannot travel more than 1.5 miles from their homes. This is despite the fact that although more contagious, the new strain is not near as deadly.

There is public anger over these lockdowns, but the voice of the people is no longer backed up by any teeth.

Power is addictive. Once you give up a right, it is damn near impossible to get back. We in America have been burdened with numerous federal, state, and local gun laws, regulations, and restrictions. The opposition will continue to relentlessly attack our Second Amendment protected freedoms with additional efforts.

We must understand what an armed citizenry means. More importantly, we must understand the vulnerability of our rights and freedoms if we are no longer armed. Do not give in or give up anymore. Fight tooth and nail against any more so-called “common sense” gun legislation. Real “common sense” tells us that laws will only hinder armed law-abiding citizens, never criminals.

Continuous increases in laws and regulations are the bricks and mortar of the disarmament road that the left wants to take us down. The goal of our enemies is to totally neutralize our Second Amendment and disarm the people.

The Australian government accomplished that leftist dream.

Don’t let the American government follow their lead.

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