Ignorance is Bliss, but Ignoring Law is Criminal

by John Cylc

August 6, 2021

The Federal Aviation Authority should tell restaurants at which temperature soup should be cooked.

The Commerce Department should regulate the fluorescent color of all novelty condoms.

The Department of Veterans Affairs should control the price of pudding and baseball mitts.

Sound ridiculous? Then why the hell should the Centers for Disease Control be allowed to tell property owners that they cannot evict tenants because of non-payment of rent?

The White House, and President Biden directly, know that this moratorium is unconstitutional, but they extended it anyway…IN THE FACE OF THE SUPREME COURT TELLING HIM NOT TO DO IT. Imagine if President Trump had ignored SCOTUS while he was in office. The outrage if he had removed DACA protections from children after the nine justices rejected it would have been overwhelming. The impeachment trial would have started 10 minutes after he acted. Claims of fascism and tyranny would have been trending Twitter and on the lips of every media head.

Yet Biden’s outright ignoring of the SCOTUS ruling has drawn crickets from the media, except for a few conservatives and independents. This should really be the nail in the coffin for anyone who thought that the press was unbiased or acting in the best interests of our country’s freedoms. Instead of being watchdogs like the Founding Fathers intended (hence the reason for their First Amendment protections), these Democrat sycophants instead distract, propagandize, distort, ignore, or outright lie to cover for the wannabe socialists.

President Biden, like every other politician, swore an oath to “protect and defend the Constitution of the United States”. I guess because the vow didn’t include the word “follow”, he feels that he is free to not. Maybe “Sleepy Joe” decided that, since he ignores immigration law and a clear responsibility to defend our borders, our nations laws are “a la carte”. They are not.

This action truly is an impeachable offense, unlike the made-up political crap they used against Trump. However, with the Dems controlling both houses of Congress, impeachment will not even be considered.

Blatantly disregarding the Constitutions clear instruction and its interpretation by the Supreme Court, is not an action of the leader of a free Republic. Instead, it is the unmistakable action of a tyrant. This should worry every American who values our freedoms.

Yes, tyranny has clearly established a toehold in our country. Every single day that we do not push back, it intertwines with our system, supported by the leftists, growing stronger.

If we stand by and watch our laws be ignored and skirted, the end of our Republic is near.


  1. Joe has got to go… I don’t know how he even got elected (short of some cheat). He is a blathering idiot and obviously a puppet…


  2. It’s too bad ignorance isn’t painful. Americans would have acted by now to return to a constitutional government run by “we the people” & DC would be too afraid to show their faces in public.

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