The Well-Managed Demise of Our Military

by John Cylc

March 18, 2021

Our Armed Forces are being perverted right before our eyes. Once an institution dedicated to the security of our nation and the upholding of our Constitution, our military is now being converted into a politically driven force focused on leftist ideologies, social trends and only-recently accepted non-scientific beliefs.

I am proud to state that I had eight rewarding , but challenging, years in the US Army. I am not a sociologist, but as an American veteran, I do know that the military should NOT be a social experiment. It is a means to defend our country. Our armed forces should be focused on strength, training and tactics.

The Department of Defense buys the best equipment that it can, within its budget. We do not buy our equipment from all contractors just “to be fair”. The same standard should be held for the men and women selected and trained as well. Our fighting force should be composed of the best people capable of performing their assigned roles.

Standards have been examined, established and updated after every conflict. For example, to qualify for infantry, a soldier might need to be capable of carrying a 35-pound rucksack for 12 miles in under 3 hours. That same individual also needs to be able to do, at a minimum, 35 push-ups, 47 sit-ups, and run 2 miles in less than 16 minutes. How would it serve our military to lower the standards or have a different set, just to allow females in the same role?

Do not get me wrong, if a woman can meet those same standards, she should be given the opportunity to be in that role. I truly believe that, even for the most specialized, high-stress roles like Navy Seal or Green Beret, females should have the same opportunity to serve if they can meet all requirements. My point is that there should be just one set standard for the job, yet the military has male and female versions. When the needed abilities are set based on performance during war, where is the value in lessening them to serve a political agenda?

As with many current pushes from the left, it started out gradually with efforts like “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” to allow homosexuals to serve. I was in the Army at the time and was opposed to it for one reason- sexual attraction. Because men and women are attracted to each other, we had separate bathrooms and facilities. Shouldn’t the same standard apply again? A third bathroom option should be added if you start recruiting these newly invented genders.

Now, with successfully implementing social engineering experiments in the armed forces, the progressives are beginning the hard push to transform our military to something never intended- a force to destroy America as we know it. THAT IS NOT AN EXAGGERATION OR OVERSTATEMENT.

The groundwork was laid during President Trump’s term. Twisting his words, the left (especially the media) made every effort to make 45 look like a racist. No matter what he said to the contrary, whatever proven correction of their lies that he made, or effort to improve the lives of black Americans with manufacturing jobs, economic & educational opportunity (long term funding of HBCU and school choice push), half of the USA believed him to be a racist.

That falsehood was also inferred upon any Trump supporter as well. The January 2021 Capitol riot was blamed on Trump, his voters and all conservatives. The feigned outrage (despite previous months of defending antifa and leftist riots) over this supposed “insurrection” by “white supremacists” (media-speak for Trump supported and conservatives) was hurled about and used as an excuse to root out “extremists” in the troops called to surround D.C.. Social media posts by soldiers supporting Donald Trump were a disqualifying factor for deployment to the capitol.

After inauguration, Joe Biden had his hand-picked (not his hands, but those of his handlers) military leaders discuss, with the media, how to seek out and remove “extremists”, without necessarily defining what qualified a person to be such. With assistance from social media giants, many conservative points of views (or even basic science posts-with actual doctors) had been deemed untrue or offensive, based on obviously left leaning “fact checkers”. It is no stretch of the imagination to see how any sharing of these posts, or any individual statements of support for MAGA, could be construed as “extremist”, thereby allowing soldiers to be silenced, corrected and even discharged. Without much effort, I can envision a “military re-education camp”. It might even provide a guide for future civilian facilities.

Merely being a believer in the Constitution makes you suspect to those who want to fundamentally change our country. Now the left is quickly attempting to thin the military of loyal Americans, while replacing them with fellow progressives who think the founding document was written by racist, old, white men who only cared to make themselves and other white men rich. Who would want to be loyal if that really was true? Of course, we conservatives know that it is not. The founders risked (and lost in many cases) their lives and fortunes to create this great nation.

As a proponent of the 2nd Amendment, it has always been a calming factor to know that no matter how liberal a President, Congress and Supreme Court could be, our military, in which all members swear allegiance to the Constitution, would never consider attempting to disarm fellow Americans. That calm has now been replaced with uncertainty, but my resolve to never surrender my weapons is only strengthened.

To any military members reading this, remember that “just following orders” is never an excuse. You swore to support and defend the Constitution of the United States, against ALL enemies, foreign and DOMESTIC. Honor those who wore the uniform before you, all the way back to the minutemen, by faithfully honoring your oath.


  1. This is an excellent article by John Cylc. We all need to speak up for our rights if we are to save them. The overreach of government during the past year has been astonishing. The deterioration of the mainstream media is done. The MSM has no credibility. We have witnessed five years of psychotic rage and hatred toward former President Trump by the Left. I truly believe that conservative patriots will never forfeit their weapons.

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