The Reason Behind the Narrative

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by John Cylc

April 21, 2021

“Why?” That is what I hear from family and friends during discussions about nationally recognized events, particularly interactions involving blacks and police. The way these events are portrayed by activists and the media, you would think that there is a decade-long, coordinated policy of murder. There clearly is not. So why is this false narrative being promoted? Once you understand the goal, you will see how it fits the plan to get there.

First, let me state that the “racist America” argument is false. According to 2018 FBI statistics, there were:

-2,925 blacks murdered. 2,600 were killed by other blacks (89%), 234 by whites (11%), 17 by other and 74 by unknowns.

-3,315 whites murdered. 2,677 were killed by other whites (81%), 514 by blacks (16%), 61 by “other” and 63 by “unknown”

Considering that year there were nearly 6X as many whites in this country, the actual comparative numbers of killed vs perpetrators shows that more than twice as many whites were killed by blacks than the other way around. Where is the racism?

Regarding police shooting deaths of  people, the number of whites killed per year from 2017 through 2020 is an average of 318. That same time frame shows an average of 227 blacks killed. According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, there were 61.5 million interactions between police and citizen, 26% of these were with white citizens, and 21% with black citizens. That is about 13,000,000 police interactions with blacks, of which those 227 deaths represent just 0.000018% (18 per million) resulting in a death at the hands of police. Many of these were legally justified. Where is the racism?

Also, those 227 deaths (which many are justifiable) is still less than 10% of the number of blacks killed by their own race. If Black Lives Matter, where is that outrage? When do national marches organize, or media networks start putting up on-screen counters and graphics? Is it that blacks killing blacks is acceptable by media and politicians? That sentiment in itself is racist!

Are there instances of criminality by police? Only a fool would think not. However, there is no proof of a national effort by law enforcement to kill blacks. If there is such an evil conspiracy, it is failing miserably.

So why the unrelenting focus by Democrats, the media and the left on “institutional” and “systemic” racism? Well, they are acting in unison. It should not be a stretch since their messaging is clearly coordinated. The three factions feed off and support each other. It is a great example of an “echo chamber”. (The politicians scream “racism”. The media airs and discusses those claims, declaring them true. The politicians then reference the media’s reporting of racism.)

The Democratic party has been hijacked by the left, which has been taken over by those with socialist ideology. No matter how much the party professes to be advocates for the poor, minorities and elderly, all their efforts are hurting these segments of America. Handouts do not help people. Instead, they keep those recipients dependent on the government. Those people will be compliant, and vote for more “wealth distributors” so as not to upset the gravy train. The more people need the government. It is the “new plantation” of financial slavery. That is the goal. That is socialism.

However, socialism, which is merely a stepping-stone, cannot convert communism if the population is well-armed. The threat from the working class is too great for the ruling class to ignore. The problem is that pesky Second Amendment. It is a hindrance to their plans. Removing it is tied to their current “racism” agenda.

The past century has seen many attacks on our right to keep and bear arms, with many concessions from the people (National Firearms Act, Federal Firearms Act, Gun Control Act, Firearm Owners Protection Act, Brady Handgun Violence Protection Act, Public Safety and Recreational Firearms Use Protection Act). Washington needs a dictionary that has the word “infringed” in it.

In 2010, the Supreme Court reaffirmed (horribly, in the minds of the wannabe tyrants) that the Second Amendment referred to an individual’s right, like every other freedom mentioned in the Bill of Rights.

Now the Biden administration, and the Democratic controlled Congress, wants to pack the court. Make no mistake, rebuking American citizens’ right to keep and bear arms is the brass ring for the left.

How does this all tie into the “systematically racist police” agenda? I will answer with a question.

“Who would be responsible for confiscation of firearms should the newly stacked, Constitution interpreting, activist SCOTUS judges reverse the McDonald ruling?”

1) The military, which is sworn to support and defend the Constitution of the United States. The vast majority of these servicemembers also own private firearms and would not follow those unconstitutional orders. However, that institution is now being purged by the Biden administration into something different. I wrote a full piece about it less than two months ago.

2) Local police and sheriffs, who are familiar with their neighborhoods and citizens. Most know that legally armed citizens are not a threat to them. They know that a call for confiscation would have them disarming friends, neighbors and family. They would probably disregard or disobey orders like that. Even more troublesome are sheriffs. They are elected by their communities and must stay loyal to the needs of their citizens.

As always, the left creates problems and then proposes their own solutions, which usually make things worse. If the left can falsely convince our country that police are inherently racist, they can then “save the day” by gradually (or not) asserting federal control of police forces. They will have then created a “standing army”, which the Founding Fathers vehemently opposed. Combined with stacking the Supreme Court with leftist activists, all obstacles to socialism (control) will have been removed.

It would not be long after that Firearm registration would start, with the ideal goal of confiscation not far behind. Free Americans (patriots) will not stand for that.

The left would be starting not a Second Civil War, but a Second Revolutionary War, for freedom and independence from the tyranny of its’ own government.


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