When the Boogeyman Emerges, Control Soon Follows

by John Cylc

February 4, 2021

“White Supremacists!

White Supremacists!

White Supremacists!”

Democrats are talking about them constantly. They are the most threatening “boogeyman” of current leftist politicians and pundits. These white supremacists must be everywhere. They must be holding rallies on every street corner in every town and city of every state. They are surely on every TV network, spewing their hatred. They must be a major political powerbroker.

Only they are not.

They were a large, loud, evil voice (mostly Democrat) from our not-so-distant past, but now that philosophy has been disproven, beaten down and, until recently, laughed at. The KKK is a joke of its former southern-Democratic self. Their racist ideology has been driven back, thankfully, to the dark shadows of the internet or small pockets of ignorant gangs.

Does racism exist? Yes.

Does it have a hold on the majority of Caucasian Americans? Not even close.

Let me be absolutely clear. I do not support or condone racism. I judge everyone by their actions, and hope others do the same. If you act ignorantly, criminally or disrespectfully, I will judge you poorly, even if you are white. This also holds true for me regarding any other skin color, race, nationality or religion.

It seems using the term “white supremacists” is currently the Democrats “go-to” move. Like Emmanuel Goldstein in George Orwell’s 1984, supposed boogeymen are used by politicians to scare and intimidate people into falling in line.

The military is now “standing down” for 60 days to address and investigate “extremism”, including “white supremacy”, in the ranks. While on the surface this seem like a good idea, there should be many questions from Americans and our representatives.

Who is determining and defining “extremism”? The left continually uses that term for any Trump supporter. Does that mean any soldier who voted for Donald Trump will be booted out of the Army?

What if a sailor posted on social media that Voter ID should be mandatory? The left thinks that is racist. Will that servicemember be kicked out of the Navy?

Suppose an airman states that anyone born a male should not be competing in women’s sports. Will He be removed from the Air Force?

Consider that a marine decides that his religion guides him to believe that marriage should only exist between one man and one woman. Will he be thrown out of the Marine Corps?

The biggest problem for me regarding this recent “review” of military personnel relates to the U.S. military oath which states very clearly that we are loyal , first and foremost, to the Constitution:
“I, XXXXX, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and that I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed over me, according to regulations and the Uniform Code of Military Justice. So help me God.”

I am an 8-year U.S. Army veteran. I took that oath and there is no expiration to it. As a Second Amendment supporter, I know damn well that should any order ever come down to disarm American citizens, those orders would be ignored by the loyal members of our Armed Services and police forces.

It seems that this current digging into the beliefs of military personnel may lead to a purge in the ranks of the very people who would not support unconstitutional commands. The current administration seems to be wanting troops loyal to their ideology and not to our founding and governing document.

The left now controls the legislative and executive branches. Thanks to John Roberts’ betrayal of conservative values and beliefs, they also control the highest court in the land. Fair and objective media has been replaced by a Democratic propaganda and campaign machine. The electoral system has now proven to be untrustworthy, with many believing there is little hope of unseating Democrats in the future. Trust in local police forces is being eroded by political hyperbole and exploitation of a few deadly interactions, most of which have been proven to have been conducted appropriately.

There is not much left to stop a total takeover of our country by leftists and socialists, who now control the formerly “Democratic” party. We are on the verge of actual tyranny.

A loyal and Constitution-defending military is one of the last obstacles to this happening.

Are its days now numbered?

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