Are We Entering a “New Era”, or a “Huge Error”?

Dr. Richard Palazzolo

February 9, 2021

Now that we have a new president who promised to “restore the soul of the nation” and establish “unity”; my question is how will he accomplish that while he disparages and marginalizes seventy-four million United States citizens? How can he fulfill that promise when his own political party, along with a chorus of dangerously biased media outlets, at every level desire to demonize and “reprogram” a vast number of the American population who refuse to subscribe to Leftist and Socialist ideologies? While this is all taking place, we can never lose sight of what President Ronald Reagan once said in 1975: “If Fascism ever comes to America it will come in the name of Liberalism.” Take a look America, it is happening before our eyes.

This current president, out of spite and hatred toward President Trump, is undoing policies which have produced a prosperous economy and significantly improved the lives of every American (household incomes increased approximately $6000-$8000). These policies have also produced record breaking unemployment numbers that we have not seen in fifty years, impacting every demographic. Biden, with the mere stroke of a pen, is killing our American energy industry. We had become independent from the stranglehold of OPEC so that we would never be subject to the oil embargos which we endured in 1973 and 1979. During those years, Americans stood in endless lines waiting to obtain rationed gasoline. It is unthinkable that he would want to subject people to this again. How does one improve people’s lives by eliminating policies designed to produce the pre-COVID prosperity?

How do you facilitate “unity” when the new president has such disdain for a president who improved so many lives? This new president does not possess the capacity to unify anything. Joe Biden wants to implement destructive policies to the economy further creating a greater class divide. That is the opposite of unity.

How can Biden promote “unity” and “Build Back Better” when he eradicates thousands of jobs by killing the work on the Keystone Pipeline with a single signature? This was done by the same guy who was commissioned to oversee the creation of “shovel ready jobs” along with $787 billion earmarked to improve the economy. By the way, you might recall that this taxpayer money has not been accounted for. “Unity” cannot be achieved by an incompetent president who refuses to put the best interest of Americans above all others.

While we were in the midst of a worldwide pandemic that originated in Wuhan, China, negatively impacting millions and altering our way of life, President Trump exhibited leadership by initiating Operation Warp Speed. This led to the creation of vaccines in record time, while so many scoffed, declaring that a vaccine could not be produced in less than two years. This is what real leadership does. It produces results.

Pre-pandemic, the United States had a 3.5 percent unemployment rate, which was the best in fifty years. It was the result of Donald Trump eliminating the regulations that crippled businesses and prevented companies from growing. By doing so, the 45th President allowed them to increase hiring practices and innovation. Manufacturing grew even though Obama boasted that those jobs were gone forever. The competent leadership of Trump ensured the restoration of those industries, leading to more working Americans.

Now, we are saddled with an inept president who can barely read the teleprompter or the ever-present, carefully scripted index cards from which he reads.  Kamala Harris is always standing poised behind him like Brutus looming over Julius Caesar. Biden is a liar steeped in questionable and corrupt activity who profited from nearly fifty years of public service having been supported by taxpayer dollars. He has no clue how to run anything because he has lived an elitist life of privilege for decades.

As we examine Biden’s cabinet choices, Americans should be very concerned they are all Obama retreads that the liberal media swoon over. They are all elitist and weak academics with no valuable “pelts” on their horses and no experience beyond theories. Just look at one example; Pete Buttigieg the former mayor of South Bend, Indiana who was nominated to be the Transportation Secretary. What in God’s Name does he know about running a transportation department of a nation of three-hundred and thirty million people when South Bend is a small city with a handful of buses? It would be tantamount to employing a kindergarten student to be the CEO of a Fortune 500 company. This is just one of many examples of placing a warm body in a position in order to satisfy a cultural and ideological itch, without the least concern of placing people in roles to which they are suited.

Good leaders enlist competent and experienced people to fulfill a job that would produce optimum results and not just check the box based on gender, race, religion or sexual orientation, satisfying those who promised support purely for political reasons. That is a dangerous recipe which is destined for failure at the expense of our Republic.

If not thwarted, Biden will most certainly ruin this nation, because of hatred of Trump and half the country. He cares nothing for unifying America because he is not a patriot. Whatever he trumpets about regarding his Catholic faith, I call BS. This is not to stand in judgement of him because God did not give me the license to judge anyone; but I just call it as I see it. He may attend church and pray yet has no problem with aborting babies. Just because a mouse is in the cookie jar, it does not mean it is a cookie. This is only one example once again, but it represents much more.

It is time for the Republican Party to stand up and grow a pair once and for all. Stop rolling over whenever the Democrats demand it. They need to stop wanting to be liked by the liberals and the media. Stop shrinking and shivering at the sight of the likes of Nancy Pelosi who is a disgraceful House Speaker. Instead, they need to become the pachyderm logo that represents the Grand Old Party. Be an immovable force entrenched in conservative convictions, based on the values instilled by our Founding Fathers. They need to stand together, and stop being butt-hurt like the snowflakes on the Left. We do not need the Romneys, the Collins, the Cheney’s, the Murkowski’s and the Kinzinger’s, etc., to dictate our lives any longer. They are weak and it disappoints me that a military man like Kinzinger has aligned himself with the Democrats.

Currently, the Democrats, with their socialist agenda, control the White House, the Senate and the House.  America, you are the only ones who can prevent them from controlling your household, which is their next target. They represent the self-appointed word and thought police, seeking to control your lives and make sure the American people “stay in line”. They have even gone so low as to use a pandemic to accomplish their sinister plans. This is extremely dangerous, far beyond error because it is deliberate. It is imperative to win the mid-term elections and vote for people who want to implement common sense policies built on conservative values.

As everyone can see, Biden will never be the answer. We, the People, are the answer. Stop staying home on election day and vote against socialism using God-given freedom as the benchmark for our decisions at the polls. Raise your voices to defend truth every chance you get. Haven’t you seen enough in the past three weeks?

Remember, we truly are only a generation away from extinction.

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