The Crime of Patriotism

by John Cylc

February 3, 2021

I am a terrorist.

I have never thought of myself as such, but apparently, my beliefs make me an enemy of the country to which I profess my gratitude, my love and my willingness to defend.

Originally, I had written the first line of this piece as “I am a patriot”. My intent was to clarify my beliefs, and those of the majority of the 74 million+ who voted for President Donald J. Trump’s re-election. A recent release by the Department of Homeland Security, combined with the expressed opinions of many “news” personalities and politicians made me re-think my approach.

The leftist mob and media have, in recent years, made a strong attempt to equate “patriot” to “white supremacist”. They could not get too much traction with the general public with that approach because many African Americans are becoming patriots also. Instead, they now try to paint “patriots” as “domestic terrorists”. Sadly, they are succeeding with this new argument in certain segments of our society.

Now that the left controls basically all three branches of government (Yes, Chief Justice Roberts, you’ve handed the left the majority of SCOTUS for some reason), the belief that patriots are a threat is now public policy.

Any American who loves our Republic needs to push back on this smear campaign. This country is full of patriots. This country was founded by patriots. We must make every effort to ensure that the uninformed and ill-informed are made aware of the true meaning of the word.

I am a patriot and, as a freedom-loving American, consider that a noble duty of Americans. As a Christian who believes that just as God intended all humans to be good stewards of this world, the Founding Fathers intended us to be good stewards of our Republic.

What makes someone a patriot? What crimes make that person a “domestic terrorist”? I have compiled a list of beliefs of those of us who the media is trying to tell you should be your biggest fear.

A patriot loves America.

A patriot loves the freedoms of America. He wants to speak freely in his domicile or outside, worship freely, gather and protest freely.

A patriot helps others in his community.

A patriot treats others based on actions, not gender, skin color or belief.

A patriot is prepared to defend himself, his family, his friends, his community and his country. This includes using his firearms If necessary.

A patriot loves the Constitution which protects his freedoms FROM government and dictates how government is to be administered.

A patriot understands that we, the people, merely GIVE THE CONSENT to be governed.

A patriot believes in equal application of the law, regardless of stature, whether a homeless beggar. multi-term senator or billionaire CEO.

A patriot knows that we are a Constitutional Republic, not a Democracy.

A patriot wants our borders secure and a fair process of emigration and naturalization. It is neither a right, nor a “lottery” opportunity, for anyone to become an American citizen.

A patriot believes in voter identification and free and fair elections, demanding that fraud be rooted out, investigated, fully prosecuted and eliminated.

A patriot knows that term limits in congress will keep out those will would milk service to country for personal gain and profit.

Do these beliefs constitute a threat? The only person who should feel that they do is someone who opposes the Constitution, the freedoms it guarantees and the rule of law. That was the stance of those who reigned over us prior to 1776.

A patriot knows that this country was created with great loss and sacrifice. We defeated the strongest military in the world to gain independence and enjoy our “God-given rights” and freedoms. We threw off our shackles of tyranny. Our country should whole-heartedly be against becoming the very thing that we originally fought against.

To sum it all up, a patriot wants merely what those who wrote and signed the U.S. Constitution wanted. If these beliefs make me a terrorist, then the Department of Homeland Security can put me down as Public Enemy #1. I would truly consider it an honor because King George III regarded the United States of America’s Founders in the same light.


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