What If Other Gov’t Programs Were Run Like the Diversity Visa Lottery?

Newsmax Article– Nov 2, 2017

As most of us know by now, the perpetrator of the New York City terrorist attack this week gained entry into our country via the “Diversity Visa Lottery Program.” This idea was a temporary measure which passed in 1986 and was made permanent in 1990 on a bill in which Sen. Chuck Schumer was the lead sponsor.

Like many governmental programs, the intention may have initially been good, but long-term consequences were never considered. Apparently, no one at the time of the bill’s passing considered the fact that our enemies would use it against us. This program has now been exposed, the potential threats identified, and it should be shut down immediately.

Shockingly, liberals have come to the defense of this program. They share goodhearted stories of other immigrants who have come to this country and have not become terrorists. I have two questions in response:

  1. Can it be guaranteed that none of the other “winners” of this lottery were already terrorist “sleepers” or will not become radical-sympathetic killers?
  2. If it makes sense in immigration policy, should we not apply a lottery system to other governmental programs?

As a Second Amendment supporter, the first thing that pops into my mind is that perhaps we should have a national firearm training lottery. Since the liberals try to present themselves as “not anti-gun,” but merely concerned about gun safety, this should be something we can all agree on. Every year, 50,000 American citizens will have their names drawn and will receive government-sponsored firearm training, with the issuance of a firearm upon graduation. This program should satisfy members of both sides of the aisle.

Perhaps we can apply the lottery system to some of the lefts’ favorite causes. Since liberals love to praise the values of compromise, we can appease both sides on one of the biggest national issues. Obamacare should be immediately defunded, and then have 50,000 people selected yearly to receive government-provided healthcare. Of course, since we’re being fair, there is a chance that some of the wealthiest people in America will receive this benefit also. Maybe an Obama-phone lottery? Food stamp roulette wheel? Section 8 housing powerball? Maybe if you want an abortion, you’d have to flip a coin to see if you can get it?

Many of us on the right would love to see the lottery system applied to politics also. Perhaps only a certain percentage of congressmen should be eligible for reelection? We could just draw names from a hat to find out who gets another term. This would mean no more 30+ year Senators, unless they are extremely lucky.

The best example where a lottery system could make things fairer is the selection of a party’s nominee that would run for president. There is no arguing the fact that if the Democratic National Committee had had a lottery to choose their nominee and 2016, Bernie Sanders would have had a fair chance to represent Democrats. Instead, Hillary Clinton was chosen in advance by the party’s elite,

with zero regard to what the liberal electorate really wanted.

I hope the hyperbole of this article (the DNC piece was real though) has opened some people’s eyes to the absurdity of running a country and government by using chance.

Our immigration policy should be established and carried out based on logic, fairness and what’s best for our country.

Then again, those three things are in direct opposition to the current liberal ideology.

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