The Ultimate Privilege

By John Cylc


In July of 2018, I wrote an article titled “True Privilege Exposed”. It summarized the hypocrisy of those who most loudly throw around the accusation of “white privilege, while practicing their own associated privilege. For example:

-The female privilege of legally taking her unborn child’s life, while a person who might kill her while she is pregnant, even while she is going to the abortion clinic, would be charged with double homicide.

-The black privilege of killing other black men, even though police cannot do so even if they are forced to protect themselves. Society protests loudly about the latter, while casually ignoring the former.

Recently, I realized that there is one privilege that I overlooked because we were not in an election cycle at the time. This privilege amazingly supersedes all others. That is why I call it the “Ultimate Privilege”.

It is neither a lifetime benefit, nor is it always in existence. As a matter of fact, it is usually applied to only one or two persons at a time. Currently, the Ultimate Privilege is possessed by Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. As of the last 3 decades or so, the perk has only been enjoyed by the Democratic President and VP, or Presidential Nominee team.

How does this privilege work?

Simple. The media and Deep State government players enable it.

While running for the nomination, Joe Biden’s past racist and sexually inappropriate behaviors were a detriment, even used as a weapon against him by his current running mate, Kamala Harris. However, since he has won the nomination, all instances of accusations by her or the media have vanished.

Kamala’s increasing the number of jailed California black men as Attorney General? <POOF>, ignored.

Biden’s obvious increasing mental deficiency and confusion? <POOF>, gone.

Isolating Biden in the heat of the Presidential campaign <POOF>, nothing to see here.

The Ultimate Privilege also works as a legal shield.

The Clinton Foundation accepting tens of millions of dollars from foreign countries while influencing her as Secretary of State. <POOF>, never investigated

Hillary Clinton’s unsecured server and 33,000 emails that were deleted? <POOF>, excused.

President Obama’s DOJ lying on sworn FISA statements to spy on political opponent? <POOF>, conspiracy theory.

Now, there is actual hard evidence that Hunter Biden was a conduit to receive large sums of cash from Ukraine and China, to be funneled to “the Big Guy”, know positively identified as Joe Biden?


No hardball questions asked.

No harmful or negative editorials written.

Investigations will be delayed.

No warrants will be issued.

No arrests will be made.

No televised perp walks executed. (Perp walks are a purely Republican Privilege that Democrats need not worry about)

The media and Democratic party are circling the “privilege wagons” to protect their Presidential candidate until at least after he has had the chance to defeat President Trump in the 2020 election.

The Ultimate Privilege is in full effect.

On the current trajectory arc of Democratic Nominee Privilege, it’s feasible that if the next Presidential Election features a serial-killing, rapist, Nazi who embezzled millions from children’s charities, as long as he has a “D” next to his name, everything would be laughed off as “mere youthful indiscretions”.

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