Journalism Has Exited Stage Left

Dr. Richard Palazzolo

October 25, 2020

Journalism was intended to be a bedrock of the First Amendment, delivering truth based on evidence and not biased fabrications, while holding those in leadership accountable. We Americans should have an expectation that those who have chosen the vocation of journalism perform as umpires who call balls and strikes without inserting their opinions unless they have officially deemed themselves editorial scribes. The press should neither exhibit bias, nor serve as designated insulators to their favored players, party or political platforms. Unfortunately, so many do, especially during this current election season.

Many journalists are guilty of providing convenient cover for Joe Biden, who is woefully ill-equipped to serve as the president of the United States. He is so weak that the press corps has taken the responsibility to protect him, as well as lie on his behalf, which is clearly not the journalistic practice which the Founding Fathers were advocating.

When a news story breaks, especially when it is pertinent to an election, like the alleged “Biden family pay for influence” story, we must ask ourselves, “Where the curiosity of the press?” Does it not matter to any Democratic or Independent voter that this information is being suppressed to protect a presidential candidate? It could potentially disqualify Joe Biden from holding any elected office, especially the highest in the land. Why are only conservative news outlets reporting on something that has potential national security consequences if substantiated?

Journalism 101 dictates that the inquirer ask these vital questions: Who, What, Where, When and How? Most of us are frustrated that reporters have not subscribed to these basic tenets which aid in searching for the undeniable truth. The liberal press has jettisoned the motivation to discover foundational truth and report it with unvarnished transparency and accuracy, allowing the reader or listener to arrive at their own conclusions. This has never been more pronounced than during the past four years.

I remember a time when journalists like Walter Cronkite reported the news. You never knew where he stood politically, until he retired from the industry. Journalists are entitled to their opinions and to choose for whom they vote, but they should not be in the business of telling you what your opinion should be or for whom you should vote.

Journalists and reporters have betrayed their profession and the American people because the vast majority of them have become opinion editors. They have abandoned the need to investigate, vet and prove what they found, measuring it against the truth, not be influenced by their personal ideology and preferences.

The First Amendment has become a one-way street. The political Left has hijacked it for their own nefarious purposes, blocking the other lanes of thought and dictating only what they want you to hear or read.

I do not care what anyone says, Facebook and Twitter have anointed themselves the arbiters of their version of the “truth”. These social media giants censor and block free thinking individuals, legitimate news outlets and truth tellers like the New York Post, Charlie Kirk, Kayleigh McEnany and others. ‘We The People’ cannot allow this. We can no longer allow the Left, who controls the media, to dictate what you should think, believe or say, by changing the vernacular. If you do not, they then scold and attempt to humiliate you for not being enlightened or “woke”.

When did we stop being a free society, relinquishing the right to think for ourselves? When did we say it was acceptable for the media to pick winners and losers for us, deifying Obama, excoriating President Trump and providing convenient cover for Biden? The Press elevates people like Fauci, who proclaimed himself the author of the gospel of Covid-19, yet dismissed legitimate medical professionals like Doctors Stella Immanuel, Harvey Risch, Oskoui, Smith and Bartlett merely because they treated people successfully with Hydroxychloroquine. Did the media even bother to interview any of these dedicated physicians? Did they even exhibit the slightest bit of curiosity, adhering to the “Who, What, Where, When and How” principles of journalistic integrity? No, because they would rather hurt Trump’s re-election chances than allow the American people to have access to an already FDA-approved medication that could possibly have been a game changer in the battle against coronavirus.

It appears that we may have dropped the ball by not holding the media accountable for their failure to tell the truth. We must never embrace the false gospel of the press who want you to believe what they deliver, rather than present you unfiltered information so that you can make educated decisions for yourself.

It is not for us to suppress journalism because they have First Amendment rights, but we must make every effort to ensure that they do not pervert news to suit their own political agendas. Challenge and hold the media accountable for not only what they present, but also for what they omit.

Although we can express our thoughts and feelings about the press on social media, it really does not go anywhere because of the limitations placed on our voices. It does not do any good to merely complain to each other. Instead we must be relentless by inundating editorial boards and TV/radio news department chiefs, demanding that they present the truth completely. Let them know they are failing the public and we will no longer accept news outlets who have become propaganda arteries by manipulating or omitting the truth.

Do not let the Fake News Media decide anything for you.

Hold their feet to the fire. They have failed every one of us and we must not take it any longer.

Do not settle, let your voices be heard, loud and clear. Flood all news headquarters and media outlets with emails and phone calls!

The Silent Majority must remain silent no more.

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