The Groundwork of Our Demise?

By John Cylc


A poll came out today showing Biden with a 14-point lead, repeating the wrong conventional wisdom Hillary’s victory in the 2016 Election.

There is one major reason why the press is reporting (salivating over) this. It will help give cover after a possible President Trump Election Night landslide victory is legally ground away by mail-in ballots (most of which will be received after the deadline, illegible or outright fraudulent) and court challenges,

The groundwork has already been laid for the masses to accept the post-election cheating that will occur by the power-starved, desperate left. The following article “predicts” the election night massive win by the President that will be negated over a drawn-out counting process.

One more piece of the puzzle has been also presented to the public by the Democrats and the media to help their combined efforts to get DJT out of the White House. Should multiple court challenges arrive at the Supreme Court, they have already staked the claim that Amy Coney Barrett should recuse herself from the decision. This despite the fact that a few of the sitting justices are clearly anti-Trump, or Never-Trump (If the shoe fits, John Roberts…)

We must get out to the polls, and get our conservative, Republican and Trump friends, family and neighbors there also.

This election season really is a building crescendo between those who want to keep America and restore it to its greatness, and those who want to change it to whatever it is the left is trying to make it. Is the endgame for those leftists merely just to destroy it, letting the chips fall wherever they may?

Either way, we must not let them get their way, especially by cheating We, the People, out of our freedoms.

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