Happy with Yourself, Judas?

By John Cylc


Never-Trumper. A person who professes to be Conservative or a member of the Republican party, who now supports the opponents of these same philosophies, merely because of one man, Donald J. Trump.

Fact-You cannot be a Never-Trumper unless you were previously a political opponent of Democrat or liberal ideology.

We are almost completely through the first term of Donald J. Trump. Though his accomplishments for America, especially for conservative America, are numerous, there are still loud voices in the Republican party who either oppose the President or are merely “fair weather supporters”. These “summer soldiers” (as Thomas Paine called them in “The Crisis”) only stand by the President when the polls show the public supports him. They do not defend his actions when he goes against popular opinion, even if it sides with the same political beliefs of said “sunshine patriot”.

Now that we are in the heat of the re-election battle, some Never-Trumpers have realized the error of their ways. Many have not. Not supporting the President is one thing. Actively opposing him and supporting your lifelong, political opposition is unconscionable.

The most recent event that should have been the nail-in-the-coffin for Never-Trumpism was the death of Ruth Bader Ginsberg. This gives Donald J. Trump the opportunity to shape the Supreme Court for American conservatism the way that few other presidents could.

Had the full complement of Never-Trumpers had their way causing Trump to lose in 2016, Hillary Clinton would have replaced the late Antonin Scalia, the leading Constitutionalist on SCOTUS at the time, as well the eventual 2 other justices (Kennedy and Ginsburg).

How can those who supported Hillary, despite their purported conservatism, justify their actions from 2016? They cannot. Even knowing they made that horrible miscalculation, what is the excuse of those who have not since changed their stance?

In most cases, it is merely personal dislike. (Right, Sen Mitt Romney and Chief Justice Roberts?) In some instances, it is because of being insulted or slighted by Trump (Every Never-Trumper that ran in 2016-Little Marco, Low Energy Jeb).

What does that say about a person that mere dislike or taking a personal offense so seriously from one man, that it can turn you against what you once claimed were your core values? That defines “being a snowflake”.

Election 2020 is upon us. The country is divided between those who love the United States for its values and freedoms, and those who want to transform America into the biggest oxymoron ever—a socialist paradise.

Do Republicans who oppose Trump think some of our Founding Fathers decided to support the British just because George Washington offended their sensibilities?  Well, Benedict Arnold did. Do you, however, really want to be associated with our nation’s most famous traitor?

People must recognize their mistake. They must remember the importance of the base ideals that they once claimed to support. It is long past time for Never-Trumpers to put on their “big people pants”. Start supporting the man who best represents, promotes and accomplishes the conservative ideals and goals, or shut up and stay out of his way.

Come home, or you may one day realize that you have become what you truly oppose.

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