Imagined Rights and Ignored Responsibilities

By John Cylc

Sep 29, 2020

Of course, America, you do have a right to protest. The U.S. Constitution specifically acknowledges “the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

There is not one mention of any American having the right to burn down buildings, loot businesses, throw Molotov cocktails, or vandalize private or public property. The Constitution has no recognition of a citizen’s right to tear down statues or destroy government buildings. Lastly, the only right mentioned regarding an individual assaulting or killing a fellow American is the Second Amendment’s acknowledgement of our right to defend ourselves from that very same violent criminal. Make no mistake-these people are not lawful protestors, they are criminals.

Separately, it is not rights being ignored, but responsibilities instead. During this era of unchecked inner-city lawlessness, public officials have not only ignored the violence, they have enabled it, at best, and encouraged it, at worst.  They did this by restricting police intervention, tying their hands, surrendering their offices and equipment, and disallowing use of non-lethal agents (tear gas, rubber bullets, etc.).

Our elected government officials, on all levels, have a compact with the citizenry to protect us. It is part of why we grant them the power to govern in the first place (“consent of the governed”). They are breaking the accord between us and them. Were it not for the unchecked bias of the media in supporting what they portray as “peaceful protests”, maybe public opinion would force these officials to act as expect, or resign. The issue is that the inner city is controlled mostly by lifelong Democrats who refuse to watch anything but the mainstream media. It gives them the comfort of accepting that these riots are not what they really see with their own eyes.

The looters, rioters and assaulters have threatened to take their mayhem to the suburbs, and even to rural America. These are hollow threats because they know it would be a mistake.

Outside of the city limits, where gun control does not have much of a foothold, citizens defend themselves, their families, their neighbors and their property. Also, the local, more involved and socially active citizens are in touch with their elected and law enforcement officials, who more often than not, support the law and actual intent of the Constitution.

Maybe inner-city officials should take note and understand that is why these violent mobs confine themselves to their continuously crime ridden areas.

It is easy enough to put an end to these mobs. Just stop ignoring your responsibilities and support the law and the U.S. Constitution. However, then you couldn’t be called “liberal” anymore.


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