Education or Indoctrination?

by Kristen Krueger


It is September! For most of us with kids, we are looking forward to them heading back to school…or not. I am one of the fortunate ones who, having put my son in a small Christian school the last 2 years, is able to send my son back to school without the ridiculous restrictions being imposed on the masses. Fortunate, because I know that he is being taught in an environment and by teachers who are like-minded and hold the same values as our family. He is only in Pre-K, but that foundation is increasingly important in the current educational climate.

This year has proven exceptionally challenging for parents as we were forced to become home educators without the benefit of preparing or wanting to take on that role. While the last 6 months have been exceptionally hard for so many of us, especially those of us with extroverted kids, it has caused me to stop and really look at what my son is heading into in Kindergarten. Ever since the beginning of standardized education, parents have sent their children to teachers, praying that they learn what they need to be successful and be healthy, morally strong, good adults. This began the path into where we have landed today. Parents giving their kids to educators and giving up control over what they are taught.


For many reasons, once I had my son, I realized that I would not put him in a traditional public school. More and more controls are being given to immoral government entities to decide what our children should learn and what is unacceptable to teach in public school. In the early days, kids were taught life skills along with traditional education. They were encouraged to be independent individuals who displayed integrity, competence, and authority in areas that mirrored the family structure. Now we have educators and decision makers who refuse to honor a child’s morality and convictions, in favor of browbeating immoral and dangerous ideologies into their minds. You add unchecked bullying, educator overreach, and violence, and you must begin wondering if our children truly are better off in that environment.

While the task of educating our children at home is daunting at best, maybe it is also an opportunity to bring those lessons back to what they should be learning. Math and science are great and useful for future careers and goals, but so are life skills and integrity. We are seeing the cost of the indoctrination of our children playing out in numerous ways today. The rioting, looting, and entitled demands to have what has not been earned, to be “paid back” for what they have not suffered, illuminates how far the educational system has fallen. Most children and young adults today have no or tainted knowledge of significant historical events and are engaging in those same behaviors.


Immoral leaders not governed by Christ but by their own beliefs, have created an environment where our children are not allowed to express their Christian faith or oppose those things which violate those beliefs. The curriculum in traditional public schools now includes pornographic and sexually immoral conduct as early as Kindergarten. The normalization of sexual immorality in schools is in part responsible for the devastating numbers of sexually abused and trafficked children, as well as convincing children of many other things that will cause irreparable harm.

The rampant rise of immorality, entitlement and violence, especially against and amongst children, should cause everyone to pay attention. But the truth is, the slow disintegration of traditional family values and morals has created a myth of “tolerance.” The cry of those refusing to hear challenges against their “beliefs,” is that of tolerance. Let me be who I want to be! Do not tell me that I cannot do what I want to! Only I can decide what is right or wrong! There is no absolute truth! But the underlying sentiment is one of selfishness and arrogance. Those who oppose this falsehood, are villainized and attacked at every turn.


This is what awaits our children in traditional education. They will be bullied, marginalized, attacked, and “set apart” by those who espouse the myth of tolerance and individual truth. When we raise our kids to respect God, others, and to have convictions based on those moral truths, they will not be accepted in traditional schools. As parents, we must choose to prepare our children for what they will face. We must have open discussions about what our family values are, why they exist, and what challenges those values will face when they begin to enter the education system. We cannot believe and act as if the one time we talk to them about important life decisions, or the lessons we’ve taught them growing up, will alone be enough to combat the indoctrination and discrimination they will face every day.

Teaching our children to know and believe absolute truth, right from wrong, immorality and love, creates resilience within them. The point of school is to learn what you need to survive, not to be overwhelmed by the challenges and miss the chance to learn. The indoctrination and brainwashing in the education system are powerful machines. We must either choose to strengthen our children to withstand and resist this machine or choose to teach them ourselves. So many innocent and good children are lost to the educational system. A system that teaches them that they deserve what they don’t earn, that no one can say what’s right or wrong, that they can choose to live a lifestyle that they want even if it causes immense harm to themselves and others.

We must stand up for our kids. We, as parents are not meant to take a passive role in their education. We are not supposed to just turn them loose to educators and hope for the best. If we want our kids to be who they were created to be, we must be present in their lives. Creating an environment of safety and communication when they are young, lets them believe that they can let you in on what is happening outside the home. As parents, lets choose to give our kids what they need. Passive parenting, permissive parenting, and helicopter parenting only hurts our kids.

Teach them, love them, be involved and engaged in every part of their lives. Pay attention to the never-ending stories when they are young, so that they will tell you the important things when they are older. It is up to us as parents to give our kids what they need to withstand the machine of educational indoctrination.

Are you willing to take on the challenge?

Are you willing to sacrifice what you want for what they need?

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