Rise Up or fall

The danger of complacency today

by Kristen Krueger


It seems like an odd idea in this day of technological advances, secured freedoms, and fierce independence, to talk about complacency. As Americans, we tend to pride ourselves on what we accomplish, the things we do, and shy away from being seen as lazy. There is a vast difference between lazy and complacent. Laziness is sitting on the couch and watching TV all day when you know you should be doing something productive. Complacency is willingly turning a blind eye to what is going on or preferring to “mind my own business” to the detriment of others. Believing that you are in the right or that you have “done enough.”

In the current environment of this country, complacency, being satisfied with your involvement, or lack thereof, in what is going on around you, is nothing less than unpatriotic. Our country was built and founded by people who sacrificed everything they earned, everything they had, in order to break free from the tyranny of the British monarchy at the time. These men founded our country with Christian principles for a reason. They had fled and successfully broke free from a regime that forbid them to worship God in the way they knew was right. They were marginalized, criminalized, and brutalized for no other reason than their faith in Christ and a desire for true freedom.

The Current State of Things

Right now, in the United States, we have unprecedented freedoms not found in many other countries. People from socialist and communist countries flock to our shores in order to have a taste of what we take for granted. In countries such as China, North Korea, Russia, and Venezuela, an individual has no rights beyond what the government dictates. They are forced to live in poverty, slavery, oppression, and violence, all while their leaders enjoy lavish, comfortable lifestyles-all paid for by the blood of their people.

Yet this is a part of what numerous people are demanding. The entitled and ignorant, those enslaved by government handouts and raised without having to handle disappointment, are rioting in our towns, destroying our states, and killing innocent people-all because they want something they have no right to and have not earned. The laziness and arrogance of these people astound those of us who know better. Many people are content to sit back and let these horrible things just unfold, unwilling to stand up against what is happening and demand their leadership call this behavior what it is…treason and anarchy.

The willingness of so many to remain complacent, while their states and country burn, is pathetic and weak. Whether because they are foolish enough to believe that this anarchy will not touch their lives, or they are content being “offended” from a distance using their keyboards to lash out at what they do not understand, is irrelevant. They are just as guilty of the destruction as those who are perpetrating it. When good people who completely abhor what is happening in this society refuse to stand up and say something, they become complicit in whatever happens.

History determines future

I cannot comprehend the mentality that allows individuals to choose to sit back and ignore what is happening. Complacency is what allowed Adolph Hitler to gain enough power to destroy and annihilate the Jewish people and any others who did not fit his ideal. There were many good German people who were disgusted and staunchly opposed to what Hitler did. However, these same people chose to ignore the small moments, the slow escalation in restricting rights, violent rhetoric, and grooming that was taking place. They carried on with their lives, choosing to believe that his ideology would burn itself out, and they would not have to get involved in stopping his rise—until the day he showed his true colors and mounted the power he had amassed as the “silent majority” sat by idly waiting to see what would happen.

The day that Hitler invaded Poland and was successful shook numerous good people to the core. Many began asking how he could have done that. How that could have happened. Once his evil intentions were not veiled in careful rhetoric and were plainly visible, it was too late for the complacent to act. Now they were forced to “sit back” and watch a man full of evil entitlement brutally murder innocent people for no other reason than because they disagreed with him and were not the “right” kind of person. Some began to fight back and became casualties of Hitler’s brutality as well. It was not until another power, the United States of America, chose to stand up and fight a war they did not have to, that his evil regime was stopped.

Where are the people of that country? The people who declared “no more” against one of the most horrifically evil men in the history of the world? We have become what we detested in the German people. This country is rife with complacency and blind obedience, for the greater good, despite evidence that the left is blatantly trying to destroy America and everything she stands for, despite evidence that the left, the media, and the “medical experts,” have intentionally and repeatedly lied to us about the “pandemic” destroying the lives of millions of people.

Hitler’s playbook in the United States

Those of us that support President Trump and what he is doing are hated with a venom rarely seen. Those that have been resistant and demanding untainted evidence and explanations from the beginning, refusing to bow down and comply with tyrannical and immoral demands, are seen as the “less than” people. We are marginalized, refused service and entry into numerous establishments, unable to receive education for our children as they need without traumatic and unnecessary restrictions, and are villainized. For no other reason than because we disagree and demand our leaders account for their behavior. This is exactly the tactic used by Adolph Hitler to blind the masses to his true intent so that he could ultimately gain power to control and destroy those who dared to demand evidence and ask questions.

Is this truly how we want the legacy of the United States to be remembered? Germany was a strong country at one point, yet everything they have done before and after Hitler is barely remembered. Germany and Adolph Hitler are synonymous, all other achievements and good that was done by that country, has been forgotten.

The United States of America is a country like no other. We are the envy of all others, even if the leaders deny it, their people cry out for what we have. Will complacent people bring our country the same fall as Germany? How many of the silent majority will rise before it is too late? It is time to get off the couch, turn off MSN and other mainstream media, and open our eyes. Do not listen to the commentary, watch the speech. Educate yourself and your children so that we do not repeat the evils and the horrific mistakes of other great nations that have fallen. Wake up! Be ready, if necessary, to take up arms (remember the 2nd amendment is there for a reason).

Stop “waiting it out.” This will not just go away. We must stop what is happening now and reclaim our nation.

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