Liberalism Throws Out Baby With the Bathwater

Newsmax Article Aug 4, 2020

by John Cylc

“Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater” is a phrase that many younger Americans have never heard and would not understand. It basically means that you should be careful to not get rid of something good while trying to get rid of something bad. The idiom is perfectly used while describing liberal calls to defund the police. A few improper actions by police, out of tens of millions of encounters with civilians, should not dictate ending an American and societal institution. This overreach by the left is part of their standard method of operation. They destroy good things.

This is not an isolated occurrence. Democrats ruin everything they touch. For my primary example, there has been “single-party rule” by liberals in almost every major inner city for decades. Chicago. Baltimore. Philly. They are bastions of crime and murder. New York is the perfect example. From the 1950s until the early ’90s, the city was run by a Democrat mayor. Homicides rose from well under 1,000 per year up to 2,000 per year. In 1994, Rudolph Giuliani took over and started a crusade against crime. By the time he left office, homicides were back under 1,000 per year for four consecutive years. Michael Bloomberg, a Republican, took over after him. Even though he had many different political ideas than Giuliani, he basically left his law enforcement policies untouched. Bill DeBlasio took over in 2014. Although the homicide rate stayed low initially, shootings and homicides are skyrocketing again.

Liberalism has become the decay of not only our society, but also of our freedoms. They have placed their justices on many federal court benches, including the Supreme Court. These judges have twisted our Founding Fathers intents by making the Constitution “a living document.” They have invented unintended rights, like medical care or housing. The left conveniently ignores that the founders’ only guarantee: the “pursuit” of happiness. No one is guaranteed a house. No one is guaranteed health care. And no one should be forced to pay for either of those things for someone else. These leftist judges ignore clearly, unambiguously stated rights like the Second Amendment. “Right of the PEOPLE” and “shall NOT be infringed” could not be more definitive declarations. In the Declaration of Independence, Americans are guaranteed the “right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” This should apply to ALL Americans, even the unborn, who now have the threat of their lives being snuffed out in the womb.

The left has teamed up with teachers’ unions to unintentionally destroy our educational system. Our students rank extremely low compared to other nations even though we spend more per student than any other country. The Democrats’ primary concerns are for the campaign money donated by the teachers and the unions, and the influence over the curriculum. This allows them to denigrate our country and its founding, instilling their ideology in the kids.

Now, leftist politics has also inched its way into sports. The NBA, MLB and NFL have all sided with Black Lives Matter. They may not understand that they are not supporting the Black community, but instead the Marxist and socialist efforts of the BLM group. What they also clearly do not understand is that their success is due in a major part to people wanting to escape their work lives and politics for just a few hours a day or week. I am more than happy to admit that for the first time since 2004, I will not participate in fantasy football, or renew my DirecTV football package.

Liberalism does not care that it is hurting our capitalism-based system. Promoting and pushing social programs that take us closer to socialism is their goal. What helps enable that strategy is eroding public trust in our institutions and instilling doubt about the good of our Republic.

Like rust on metal, liberalism takes no break from trying to erode our country as it was intended. Their political efforts create problems. Their proposed solutions then enable their political agenda.

This is a binary choice for our country to make. It starts with the 2020 election. If our Republic stands, socialism cannot exist here. If socialism is chosen, our Republic dies.

Then, the baby truly will have been thrown out with the bathwater.

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