The mask of health

A Exclusive

by Kristen Krueger


For months now, we have been hearing the talking heads like Dr. Fauci and Democratic Governors touting the necessity of masks to fight COVID-19. In Colorado, prior to enacting a “mandatory mask edict,” Governor Polis sunk to the level typical of the left when they are presented with facts, of calling those who refuse to wear a mask, “selfish bastards…” A sure sign that there is something more than health and safety at play with the mask debate. Beyond the controversies and widely conflicting information regarding the efficacy of masks, is the question of the harm inflicted on healthy people by forcing them into a mask with the threat of jail and fines.

Many of us are awake and paying attention to what is happening all over the world and are watching the slow unraveling of civilized society. We are aware of the pattern of misleading information, gradually increasing restrictions “for the greater good,” and the explosive reactions from those attempting to take away our freedoms, when they are presented with evidence from a non-biased source (i.e. not connected to Bill Gates, Fauci, or the lab in Wuhan, China) that contradicts what they want us to believe. However, this movement seems to have a life of its own, morphing and changing directions to fit the needs of those trying to dominate and control…. those trying to silence the no longer so silent majority. We all want to do “something,” most of us just do not know what to do.

While standing strong in our knowledge and defense of the Constitution and relevant state and local laws, maybe we should start addressing something that the left claims to care about but wants to ignore in the midst of their “pandemic.” The truth of the damage being done and the cumulative psychological and interpersonal effects of this trauma on the healthy being muzzled and forced to comply.

Trauma and Forced Compliance

We know that this country has been in the midst of a real pandemic of mental health for years. In the last 10 years, we have seen a sharp increase in completed and attempted suicides. In addition, we have seen an increase in the prevalence of severe and debilitating mental illnesses such as depression, anxiety, and posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in the entire population, most notably in adolescents and women. So why would this even need to be discussed in the context of the current “pandemic?” Because when you take an already vulnerable population without adequate access to resources, then you demand they comply with things they do not agree with, these issues will drastically increase.

Why would being forced to wear a mask cause trauma? I guess that would depend on how willing you are to understand the complex consequences that surviving trauma can have on a person. A child who has suffered immeasurable trauma at the hands of someone that is supposed to take care of them, does not often “see” their perpetrator. They may know who it is, but their mind dissociates to allow them to survive the hell they are enduring. Sometimes, this means they “forget” what the perpetrator looks like, or they only “remember their eyes.” A survivor of ritualistic abuse or cults often do not know who their perpetrators are because they are either blindfolded and/or the perpetrators are wearing masks. A survivor of rape where they never see their attacker’s face. The thousands of children and women being rescued from sex-trafficking or are still being subjected to these horrors.

These are just a few examples of people who, having suffered immeasurable harm at the hands of others, are now being forced to not only wear a mask, which is in essence, concealing their identity, and interact with people they can’t identify, people wearing masks. These individuals can and will have flashbacks, panic attacks, and severe reactions to being “surrounded” by people they cannot identify and by being forced to conceal their own identity. These are normal, common reactions as a trauma survivor, even if you are in recovery. When 1 in 3 girls and 1 in 4 boys are survivors of childhood sexual trauma, at a minimum, and incidents of sexual assault and other interpersonal violence increasing every year, shouldn’t we be concerned about the additional trauma and damage being inflicted upon these innocent victims? Especially when the likelihood of someone being violently attacked is greater than that of dying from COVID-19?

In one of the counties here in Colorado, they have decided to send masked workers door to door to collect census and COVID-19 data. Can anyone else see the problem here? Personally, if I have a masked person at my door, even with a “badge” displayed, there is no way I would open the door, especially if I were unarmed.

This obsessive fear and panic being driven by the media and influential, yet corrupt, leadership, is creating pain and suffering in already innocent and vulnerable populations. The fact that there is little evidence to suggest that the ongoing restrictions are even necessary, yet alone, need to be mandatory, causes this trauma to pile on. Taking away the rights of a survivor to choose how to protect themselves, their bodies, and their families, causes harm. It creates an atmosphere where, once again, a person in a position of “authority” is forcing them to comply against their will. If we will not see this, accept this fact as truth and start rallying for survivors, we are still willingly closing our eyes.

It’s time we stand up, not just for the constitution and American freedom, but for the innocent who are being traumatized by those in power by having their autonomy stripped away and being forced to do things which they do not want or need to do. It has never been about safety and health; it has always been about control. Trauma survivors do not need anyone else telling them what they have to do with their bodies and their lives. It is time to stand up.

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