Will the REAL Deniers of Science Please Stand Up…?

A ThirteenFox.com Exclusive

By John Cylc


Flat earther. Science denier. These are the pejoratives that the leftist talking heads like to hurl at conservatives and Christians. These terms are wildly inaccurate. Yes, we have belief in a Supreme Being, but this name-hurling is just another example of “projection”, which entails accusing your opponent of exactly what you are doing. For example:

-The Obama Justice Department used Russian disinformation that was paid for by Hillary Clinton, while accusing Trump of “Russian Collusion”.

-Merely asking for an identification before voting is “voter suppression”, but not purging dead voters off of the rolls, allowing illegal immigrants to vote and “finding ballots” in every close race are all perfectly legitimate.

-The media described the Tea Party demonstrations that were truly peaceful as racist and confrontational, yet they currently describe the multiple ongoing riots and looting sprees since George Floyds death as “peaceful protests”.

I think the faith of the left is not in science as they proclaim, but purely in politics and progressive ideology. It shows in their contradictory stance against FACT.

Because of science, I believe in only two genders. A female has two X chromosomes. A male has an XY pairing, Because of emotion, my political rivals believe in well over 100 different genders.

Because of science, I believe that an unborn human baby, with a beating heart, senses and emotions, is in fact, a living person. Because of selfishness, my political rivals believe that, although a dead parasite on a meteor is proof of life, that same unborn baby is merely a “clump of tissues”. In my beliefs, in America, that baby is entitled to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”. In my political rivals’ minds, that baby merely has a right to die if the mother chooses.

Because of science, I believe that the male specimen of humans is generally larger and physically strong than its female counterpart. Because of science, I know that a female human is generally more compassionate and has better comprehension and memory skills than the male counterpart. Because of envy, my political rivals refuse to acknowledge the obvious and try to make the two sexes exactly equal.

Because of science, I know that the Earth’s temperature has risen and fallen for millennia, both with humans on it and before. Because of a desire to control, my political rivals tell me that any temperature change is the fault of humans.

Currently, we have the left’s propaganda machine (media, Facebook, Twitter, Google) banning a presentation by multiple legitimate M.D.’s proclaiming the benefits of early use of hydroxychloroquine for Covid-19 patients. They have had their statement/press conference removed from social media and people who shared it have had their accounts suspended. Since then, they have dug up some controversial past statements of one of those doctors and have made her the “face” of the group, using those same statements to knock the entire presentation. They attack the drug, which has been used safely for 6 decades, as dangerous and life-threatening. It is fascinating to watch all of these people without any medical schooling refer to a dozen actual doctors as frauds.

Somehow, the left has assumed (inaccurately) the position that they are more enlightened than Christians and most conservatives who believe in a God. However, liberalism worships also. They do it at the altars of mischaracterization, misleading, misinformation and outright lies. Those are gods of modern-day Democrats, and the demanded sacrifice is their own integrity.

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