The Slow Fade of Freedom

A Exclusive Article

By Kristen Krueger

July 22, 2020

For over 200 years, this great country has prided itself on its innumerable freedoms. We enjoy the freedom to worship in whichever way we feel is right, to speak our mind without fearing retaliation, to bear arms for defending ourselves and our loved ones, and to not submit to intrusive and unlawful searches of our person and property. These, in addition to the rest of the freedoms we are entitled to because of the blood and tears poured out in the Constitution, should never be something that we take for granted.

From the terrorist attacks in 2001, to the beginning of the Obama administration, as a country, we had never been more unified. Then things changed. With a divisive and corrupt White House, we began to see people forgetting why we stood together in the first place. People began to return to the individualistic and entitled mentalities that those attacks shattered in that generation. The cries for handouts, freebies, and “entitlements” became the cry of this generation.

Many of us watched in horror as those eight years eroded away every freedom they could. We breathed a sigh of relief when Donald Trump overcame rampant cheating and treason to rise to the top and step in to lead our faltering country. When this happened, the other side began to completely unravel, and for the last four years have desperately done everything they could to overthrow a duly elected president. The less they succeeded, the more deranged they became.

Enter the “novel coronavirus”, COVID-19. With numerous questions about how this virus came into existence outside the lab, and how dangerous it was, people began to succumb to their fear. I have heard it said that the year 2020 was supposed to be the “year of clarity and insight”, and I believe that the virus has made it that. This virus has clarified the divide between those of us who choose life over fear, are willing to do some research, educate ourselves, and ask questions, and those of us who blindly follow anything the mainstream media (MSM) tell them. The division in this country has become one between those willing to give up everything, embracing panic and fear, and those of us who are unwilling to give up our freedoms because of something that was weaponized for this purpose.

Over the last four months, I have watched people in my home state of Colorado descend into blind panic, and then blind submission, “for the greater good.” They neither ask questions, nor do they acknowledge the discrepancies and obvious issues with what is happening in this state. We have a governor who is staunchly socialist and, with a fake mask of concern, manipulates those who want to believe anything he states.

Those of us who ask questions, demand answers, and demand that the governor stay within his legal boundaries, are deemed “selfish bastards” by the leader of this state. When his rhetoric and false data did not persuade everyone, he chose to attempt mass shaming and launched overreaching mandates that he cannot legally enforce.

As of today, we have now been issued a “mandatory” mask order and health officials in Denver will begin going door to door to ask people to be “voluntarily” tested for a virus no more dangerous than the flu. Other states have people on house arrest with ankle monitors for refusing to sign paperwork saying they will quarantine. Still other states where have set up “quarantine camps” and are forcibly relocating people who are testing positive, or presumed positive. The people who have chosen fear, the lie of “the greater good,” or whatever else they tell themselves to justify their decision to lay down and give up their freedoms, do not see a problem with any of this.

We have a generation of people who were not educated about our history, who were taught that participation counts, and who were told that they deserve things they do not earn. Until the rest of us, the silent majority, are willing to stand up and refuse to remain silent, we are at risk of losing all of the rights that some of our founding fathers died to give us.

In four months, blue states have managed to effectively muzzle anyone who dissents. If we do not stop the erosion of our freedoms now, if we do not stand up and fight, we will never regain what they will have taken.

It is not about a mask.

It is not about a virus.

It is about overthrowing our President and silencing his supporters.

Until we are willing to risk it all to save this country for ourselves and our children, we will be bullied and shamed into submission. I refuse to go quietly and allow someone hell-bent on my destruction, to continue to take what they have no authority to take. You?

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