Looking for an Aspiring Writer

Are you a conservative that wants to share your thoughts? Do you support President Trump? Do you want to reach more people with your opinion? Do you read online articles and think “I could write better than that”? Would you like an opportunity to prove it?

As founder of ThirteenFox.com, I am looking to add a writer. This is a fledgling website aimed at spreading the message of conservatism and supporting Donald J Trump. Take a chance! Try your hand at expressing your opinion rationally on paper (on screen, actually).

My writing career began in 2015. I wanted to try to help get then-candidate Trump elected. I reached out to a few websites and Lifezette.com gave me an opportunity to submit a sample article. They liked it and published it! I wrote for them for 8 months. During that time, I also submitted and had an article published on TheFederalist.com.

After Lifezette, I applied for an opinion column position at Newsmax.com, which is where I currently write. My blog there is titled “Shots Fired”,

In 2018, I started ThirteenFox.com to share my own self-published pieces. It gives me the opportunity to be a little more edgy and express myself without restriction.

I would like to add one more writer who has the same desire to share similar beliefs in their own style. Should this prove successful, I would then expand more by adding writers with somewhat different beliefs (no liberals though).

If you are interested, let me know by emailing me at ThirteenFoxActual@ThirteenFox.com. Include a brief summary of yourself and your viewpoint.
After initial contact, I will require a 500-800 word sample article. I will then choose the person based on the process.

This is not a paid position, as it costs me money to publish the site. It’s an opportunity to get your work and name out there. The chosen person will be expected to maintain an online social media presence and help promote the site, and all published articles.

If you’re not the right person, hope you’ll help me share this so that if gets the attention of the “write” person.

John Cylc, Founder and Editor


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