No One Doing More to Harm Free Press Than Media Itself

Newsmax Article, May 16, 2020

We’re conservative Americans. We’ve been called “deplorables.”

We’ve been labelled “bitter clingers.”

Now — were considered “freedom obsessed.”

Why do the mainstream media (basically any media except conservative talk radio, Fox News, and One America News Network, among other conservative leaning news outlets) continuously try to disparage anyone who believes fully in the U.S. Constitution?

Shouldn’t an institution that depends on the protections of the First Amendment also itself be “freedom obsessed”?

“Freedom of the Press” is one of the ideals keeping the American government in check for over 200 years.

The primary focus used to be “speaking truth to power.”

Now, ideology has now taken over the media and the focus is on pushing their agenda.

This has created a term that the press loathes — “fake news.”

The conventional wisdom is that our nation’s 45th president, Donald J. Trump created this phrase.

In reality, reporters publishing unproven theories, while citing “anonymous sources,” later proven untrue is what created the moniker.

It’s a deserved title.

The flip-flop from aggressive news hounds to coddling propagandists, based on what party is in power, is glaringly obvious.

There was the fawning over President Bill Clinton and his family, even during his perjury trial, affair with Monica Lewinsky, and his impeachment.

That was replaced with 8 years of criticizing and mocking President George Bush’s intelligence (except for a brief pause after Sept. 11, 2001).

During the eight-year tenure of the Obama administration, broadcasters and reporters actively supported and defended government and its’ overreach.

Obama’s daughters were “off-limits.”

During the rare times that President Obama opened the podium to questions, many softballs were pitched to him. They basically acted as a public relations agency during his “scandal free” term.

—The talking heads of the cable networks defended the actions of the IRS during it’s “Tea Party scandal,” during which one of the most powerful government agencies targeted innocent Americans solely based on their “tea party” ideology.

—The reporting on the ATF’s “Fast & Furious/Gunwalker” scandal was almost non-existent.

—When Fox News reporter James Rosen was found to have been under surveillance by the Obama Department of Justice, many in the media said nothing or questioned Rosen’s actions.

Before Donald J. Trump even took the Oath of Office, the switch was flipped back to attack mode. The negative coverage of Donald Trump has become the favorite pastime of the press. His family, even his youngest son, have also been routinely attacked and accused of wrongdoings.

Now since Russian collusion hoax has been disproven, and the truth of the illegal and inappropriate actions of the Obama administration’s U.S. Department of Judtice (DOJ) and many of his top officials are coming to light, the mainstream media is once again circling the wagons to protect the nation’s 44th president  — and his legacy.

The media is blatantly Democratic or, in some cases, socialist — doing everything to promote those ideals. They have become a DNC asset and should have to report their services to the Federal Election Committee as campaign contributions.

Although Donald Trump refuses to be silenced by “fake news,” freedom of the press is not currently under threat of government overreach. The reality is that no one is doing more to harm the media and their freedoms than themselves.

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