Get Back to Basics on Voting — Now

Newsmax Article– Feb 26, 2020

The final leg of 2020 election season has begun.

Undeliverable promises are made. Accusations and innuendo are suggested. Insults are hurled. Hyperbole abounds.

Even though the Democrats are the only political party primary in town in 2020, the brunt of these attacks are on Republicans, with the majority going towards Donald J. Trump.

The liberal politicians and their supporters speak and the media broadcasts.

How can Republicans challenge this coordinated media and Democratic propaganda?

The answer may also provide a way to ensure the elections are fair, in 2020 and the future.

The masterpiece of these falsehoods came after the 2016 election, in which a false chronicle of “Russia collusion” and Trump being a “Russian puppet” was introduced.

It’s still being referenced, in spite of having been proven false by a two-year federal investigation. This same “never-happened” event is already being touted as a reason for a future Democratic 2020 general election loss and we haven’t even reached the national political conventions!

2016 was a larger venture based on previous smaller attempts by the leftist media (redundant) to set the narrative.

In 2008, McCain was too old and “confused.”

In 2012, Sarah Palin was angry and extreme and Mitt Romney was an animal-abusing non-taxpayer.

I had never understood a quote that I heard as a youth, until I started seeing these efforts. The line came from Adolf Hitler’s minister of propaganda, Joseph Goebbels, “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.”

For some reason, voter I.D. is a very political hot potato.

The right says it will ensure fair and honest elections. The left claims it is racist and suppresses the vote. Republicans need to begin a strategy of challenging Democrats to work with them to develop a system that will not disenfranchise any voter but will ensure only legal votes.

The Democrats like to use the phrase, “If just one voter is turned away from the polls . . . ” Well, conversely, Republicans should counter that “if just one American voter has their legal vote cancelled out by an illegal or fraudulent vote, then the integrity of the election MUST be ensured with voter I.D.”

Conservatives must eliminate illegal voting if it wants to continue to have a fair chance of winning in the future. If illegal immigrant votes had been proven to be for conservatives, a impenetrable wall would have been built on the border decades ago.

In this fast-developing, technologically advanced time, all devices and systems are vulnerable to hacking. However, even while worried about our electoral system being infiltrated by foreign agencies, we keep converting our voting techniques to more electronic methods.

There’s even talk of voting on cell phones. This is an invitation to electronic fraud.

Instead, we should be going back to manual, hand counted paper ballots.

Incidents like the Florida 2000 election can easily be avoided by merely not using those troublesome dimples and chads. Offline counters, tallying “easy to read and use” paper ballots, take all risk of “electronic interference” off the table. Paper cannot be hacked.

Furthermore, manual ballots provide a foolproof opportunity for a hand recount. Simplification is more secure than complication.

Lastly, to ensure “One person, one vote,” we should borrow a primitive technology from our friends from the Mideast. After voting, citizens should be forced to dip their right thumb into a long-lasting ink. Once a thumb is blue, there’s no chance to vote again that day, or even within a week. It could be worn with pride as a symbol of participation in our Democratic system.

This should coincide with a reduction of “early voting” availability.

One could understand making elections a 2-day event, or maybe one weekday combined with one weekend day. However, multiple weeks of early voting is merely giving opportunities for someone to vote multiple times, in multiple precincts, in multiple states.

Voting is a right and a duty.

If Democrats think that it’s “too inconvenient” to vote on only one specific day, they should try practicing their guaranteed Second Amendment right by buying a gun in California or New Jersey.

That will teach them what cumbersome looks like.

For the entire history of our country, we, the citizens of the United States, have chosen our representatives, both locally and nationally. My fear is that we are losing this opportunity to be equally represented. Non-citizen voting, fraudulent votes, multiple votes and outside interference are a direct threat to every American.

I truly believe that this 2020 election will be a landslide for Donald J Trump.

Barring any major incident, if he loses there can be only two explanations:

First, the Democratic machine has perfected cheating. I need only point out the fact that almost every incident of suspicious voting event seems to go to that one party.

Second, another reason that Trump would lose is that the citizenry has become so gullible as to fully believe the media and Democratic Party propaganda.

In either instance, the country may already be doomed.

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