The New GOP: Timidity Need Not Apply

Newsmax Article– Feb 18, 2020

With zero intention of jinxing it, I have not been as confident in a Trump re-election as I am right now. President Trump’s successful legislation, trade deals, and other actions have been good for everyday Americans, regardless of gender, skin color, religion, political affiliation, or income.

Trump is expanding the Grand Old Party’s tent.

We see polls showing his approval numbers climbing in every segment of the population. As a Republican, his never-before-imaginable numbers with minorities are scaring the Democrats.

The question is: “Can other Republicans not screw it up?!”

The Republican party is no longer the “Party of RINO’s,” that it’s been since the early 2000’s. It’s no longer even the “Party of Reagan.”

The GOP is clearly now the “Party of Trump.”

Because of the way the president has performed his job and conducted himself, his base is swelling. This base Includes:

Union members who approve of the trade deals bringing back thousands of manufacturing jobs, thereby helping raise salaries due to competition

Democrats who are more politically or fiscally conservative than most Democratic candidates

African-Americans who are seeing through the 50 years of Democrats empty promises

Immigrants who feel like they wasted their time coming in the country legally

Both as candidate and as president, Donald John Trump has shown the rest of the party that you do not have to take what the media tries to dish out. Now matter how much they say they represent the feeling of the American people, the “mainstream media” merely represent the Democratic party, particularly it’s leftist-fringe elements.

Republicans need to look to his example and understand that we have been looking for a fighter since Clinton left office. We don’t want an apologist or weak candidate anymore.

The Republican base has also been looking for someone who stands up not just for himself, but for the country. Our current president has delivered that, going toe to toe with China, Canada, Mexico, the EU — and especially any America-hating Democrats.

Trump’s love of country, combined with his business acumen and instinct, is turning our trade deal reputation around. It will never make sense again to allow our trade deals to be negotiated by non-businessmen.

It may be a combination of both Trump attracting, and Democrats driving away, all of these new supporters. Either way, the issue comes down to the Republican party continuing this trend, and even growing it. Some senators and many congresspersons are standing side by side with President Trump.

Many of those had previously been on the fence about, or even opposed to this president.

It doesn’t matter. Mr. Trump has accepted them and continues to reach out, even to Never Trumpers who are now proven to be merely stubborn or letting personal feelings guide their actions.

Republican voters have wanted candidates and politicians who were conservative and could boldly defend their beliefs and stance on issues.

In 2016, we finally got our wish —and then some.

A return to the timid, apologizing middle-of-the-roaders will drain this movement.

There is no going back now. Please Republicans, don’t mess this up.

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