Death, Liberty and the Pursuit of Dehumanizing Babies

Newsmax Article– Mar 19, 2020

Trump can do nothing right concerning coronavirus, at least according to the leftist media hacks. As they hype up panic about the possible high amounts of death from this pandemic, they ignore or celebrate the thousands of legalized murders occurring systematically every day in our country.

One baby is killed every minute in the United States. Imagine how the Democrats would act if one person was shot every minute in our country. Abortion rights supporters previously fell back on the “just a fetus” or “a clump of tissues” defenses, but now those ignorant excuses have been exposed.

Senate Democrats united to defeat a bill that would have protected babies born alive after failed abortions. That’s right. Democrats have literally just supported letting a live baby die by allowing withholding of medical attention.

There is no defense to this action. Even if you don’t believe that heartbeat, emotion and developed senses inside the womb are proof of life, you cannot deny that a living, breathing, surviving baby outside of the womb is an actual human. Since that baby is born in America, he/she is entitled to constitutional protections, as well as the Declaration of Independence’s promised proclamation of “Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

Now that the veil has been pulled back on the indifference of liberals concerning newborns, where does their evil logic stop? Does it make a difference if the baby is alive for one minute versus 10 minutes? How about 10 minutes versus a day? Knowing that the left always tries to push their agenda further out in unthinkable directions, can anyone guarantee that post-term “abortions” won’t eventually be supported for one-month old children … or older?

As an example of liberal overreach, merely two decades ago liberals were fighting for gay rights and same sex marriage. In the short time since they have achieved that goal, they have gone to extremes by espousing multiple genders, forced school system transgender education and public funded gender reassignment surgery. I don’t remember any of those mentioned in our Constitution.

Patrick Henry famously stated, “Give me liberty, or give me death.” When it comes to guaranteeing life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for the not-yet-born or newborn, the Democrats have reprehensibly chosen death.

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