Our Permanent Rights Won’t Diminish — Even Under Attack

Newsmax Article– Feb 3, 2020

No matter how clearly “shall not be infringed” is reiterated, Virginia Democrats are currently working hard to ram new gun laws down the throats of their citizens, against their will.

Passing the strict gun control laws will put Virginia in a class with New Jersey, New York, Hawaii, Massachusetts and Illinois. These states are examples of the never-ending attempts to erode the very civil liberties making the United States of America unique among all nations — both past and present.

The Fourth Amendment has been under a constant assault by three-letter federal agencies since the birth of the internet. Big brother wants to look over our shoulders to see our emails and Web histories, and the multi-billion dollar Web providers have behaved no better, mining data for themselves and government agencies.

Sadly, the attacks on our freedoms also don’t come just from elected public officials — but from our fellow citizens.

The First Amendment is constantly being lessened in importance by “political correctness” which is held in great regard by the media and Hollywood.

Originally, speech that was offensive to others was exactly what this right was intended to protect. In our current American society, merely saying the wrong thing now can cost you your job, company, or political position.

Sorry, but our constitutional rights are neither negotiable nor disposable.

The Founders knew these rights were pre-existing since we had them even before the Constitution was written. And they were inalienable because they cannot be taken away.

We can’t even give them away.

Such a notion seems to be lost on a society where almost everything is a throwaway, including technology, marriage, and to many on the left, even human babies in the womb or those born already.

No matter how many unlawful laws you write or meaningless executive orders you decree, we will still have our rights, all of them — in full.

Even if you managed to amend or void the Constitution somehow, these rights would still exist. Unconstitutional laws will merely provide the cover and ability to use force to violate them.

That is exactly what our Founders argued, fought, and died for fighting against-tyranny.

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