Limbaugh’s Sad News an Urgent Call to Action

Newsmax Article– Feb 4, 2020

The conservative movement took a big hit Monday. Rush Limbaugh announced that he has advanced stage lung cancer. Many of us who listen daily were stunned by the news.

I am not embarrassed to admit that my eyes misted over. I sit here writing this, still in disbelief, praying for Rush’s upcoming fight.

After the news sank in, my thoughts turned to wondering where conservatism now goes. The man behind the Golden EIB Microphone inarguably paved the way for fellow right-leaning talk show hosts. Sean Hannity. Mark Levine. Tucker Carlson. Mark Steyn.

These broadcast and media members of  the “old guard” will continue, but the shoes that will need to be filled may have some room left over.

With the amount of slack that needs to be picked up, it cannot merely be a “top down” movement. There needs to be am “upswell.”

I consider myself to be one of those who is merely dipping a toe into this pool of conservative outreach. There are many either like me, and many even more influential, but not yet on a national or regional level.

This is our opportunity and responsibility to make a concerted effort to have our voices heard, as payback for the many years of education from Rush’s Institute of Advanced Conservative Studies.

He may or may not be our direct influencer, but his ideas and lessons trickle down to us from some of the other like-minded media.

So, what do we small fish do to make a ripple in this big pond?

First thing we should do is reflect the class, patience and restraint of Rush.

The news of his illness has caused a lot of hate and vindictiveness from those ill-behaved and disrespectful liberals that flood social media.

We must ignore them, but not what they say. We can recognize their vile behavior, just don’t engage directly with individuals.

They want to pull you down to their level. Don’t take the bait.

We must also commit to spreading the attributes and benefits of conservatism.

If you write, write more articles.

If you make videos, share them in more places.

If you moderate a group, spread this articles message.

If you do none of those, maybe take a stab at trying either, or some other effort.

We need to make a push to extend our reach and influence.

Individual responsibility is the core of our belief. Succeeding on your own accord is one of the most rewarding feelings. On the same note, helping others achieve success can inspire those around you. We need to work together and not in competition.

Rush Limbaugh announced that he is taking some time to develop a course of action. He is going to fight, while continuing to host his show. At one point, Rush was just a guy with a love of conservatism and a microphone at one station.

He stayed committed while building his place at the head of the table.

Rush Limbaugh should be an inspiration to us, for his efforts then and his struggle now.

Some of us may succeed. Most will not.

What matters is that we try . . . for ourselves, for our beliefs, for our Republic.

And, of course, for Rush.

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