Virginians Making Their Voices Heard in Opposition to Potential Gun Laws

Newsmax Article, Jam 8, 2020

One of the historical directives of King George III is about to be implemented in modern-day Virginia. The current Democratic Governor and the Democratically controlled state legislature are planning their assault on the Constitutionally guaranteed right to keep and bear arms.

The proposals include a red flag law, “assault weapon” ban, universal background checks, gun purchase limits, and possibly firearm registration.

This legislation is only possible due to sweeping elections giving Democrats full control of the state. Like many of its northeastern corridor neighbors, Virginia’s massive land area is now controlled by a small concentration of urban dwellers.

Just as the 302 square-mile New York City imposes its will on the entire 54,556 square-mile state, or Philadelphia and Pittsburgh’s combined 199 square-miles force Pennsylvania’s 46,055 square-miles to yield to their will, Virginia’s 42,775 square-miles is now controlled by a minor area of Richmond and a few counties of Northern, Virginia, that are packed full of liberals merely because they work in Washington D.C.

These “large city-controlled” governments rule the entire population of their states in the same manner that King George III ruled the colonies — from afar, and with disdain, condescension, or indifference. Representative government is becoming only representative of massive population centers.

Despite the desires of Democrats, we don’t let our country be ruled only by the massive populations of New York, California, Texas, and Florida. Why do we allow this unfairness to occur on a smaller level election? Perhaps states need to level the playing field, just as national elections do, with “state electoral votes.”

Like the ignored and oppressed subjects in the colonies, Virginians are rising up and making their voices heard in opposition to these potential gun laws. Over 100 counties and cities in Virginia have declared themselves as “Second Amendment Sanctuaries.” These localities have voted to defy the imminent attacks on what their citizens see as a fundamental and guaranteed right. Local police forces and elected Sheriffs have stated that they will not enforce any unconstitutional laws enacted by the state. There is even a sheriff offering to deputize citizens to defend the Constitution.

On January 20, a large rally is planned at the state capitol to demonstrate opposition to the proposed gun laws.

According to the organizers, Virginia Citizens Defense League, “Monday, January 20, is VCDL’s Lobby Day. It is not VCDL’s Protest Day. There is a distinct difference between the two.” It is not a protest. It is not a threat of violence. It is a way of expressing the displeasure of the populace with the governments proposed Constitutional violations.

King George III was petitioned to allow the colonies to govern themselves. He ignored those pleas and it did not turn out well for him, or the officers and soldiers that he sent to America to enforce his policies, including firearm confiscation.

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” Hopefully, the anti-Second Amendment Virginia Democrats remember their own proud Revolutionary War history and won’t try to nullify it. The results may be the same as it was for the King.

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