Honest Voting in 2020

Newsmax Article– Dec 5, 2019

Election integrity. Illegal voting. Honest campaigning. Voter fraud. System transparency.

These are terms that are familiar to most of us. They represent ideals of our electoral system, as well as some of the problems that challenge it.

I previously wrote an article about voter fraud in June of 2017. It is a serious issue that needs to be addressed. However, there is another side of that coin. Not only should we have honesty in campaigning and elections, we also need “honesty in voting” from citizens.

American voters must look inwards and be honest with themselves.

Do you understand that there is an inherent responsibility as an American that comes with making your choice?

Are you truly voting for the candidate that is best for the country, or relying on the opinion of some Hollywood elites?

Are you voting based on fact, or media hype?

If an incumbent is running, have things gotten better, or are you casually ignoring those truths?

In the modern media era, many people have been influenced greatly by talking heads and public sentiment instead of doing even the minimal amount of research. We may feel like busy lives sometimes keep us from taking that responsible step, but it shouldn’t be an excuse. In our hands are smartphones, which provide access to all the information we need at any given minute.

Obviously, President Trump is a polarizing candidate in the upcoming 2020 election. However, the reason may be that those talking heads will oppose any Republican candidate solely because of their liberal views. We’ve seen the media vehemently oppose him in the 2016 campaign and the time he’s been in office since. We also watched the same media never oppose, and actually promote, nearly everything that Obama said or tried to get legislated.

Prior to that, Mitt Romney and George Bush were treated very negatively as well. They were perhaps the “test cases” of direct media opposition. The last bastion of political media fairness was during the Clinton years. Prior to that, there were attempts to only subtly support Liberals and oppose Conservatives. The modern media is the largest Democratic donor because of the limitless free, unapologetic, supportive coverage of any liberal candidate.

As a nation, we must ignore those who want to tell us how to think, what to think and what should concern us.

Americans celebrate individual achievement. America’s founding documents focus on individual liberty. Americans must honor individual responsibility to our country.

Anything less is committing voter fraud… on ourselves.

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