Virginia’s Gun Rights Rally Will Be Large, Peaceful and Respectful

Newsmax Article– Jan 16, 2020

America’s King-George-III-wannabe has done it. Virginia Governor Ralph Northam has made a Royal Decree (Emergency Executive Declaration) that will ban his loyal subjects (citizens) from carrying their muskets (firearms).

The ban comes in advance of an annual gun rights rally that is held at the Capitol in Richmond. Every year since 2002, the organization known as Virginia Citizens Defense League (VCDL) holds a “Lobby Day.” Members show up early, many armed, and make their voices heard in the state legislature, primarily concerning Second Amendment rights. Weapons, including firearms, are normally allowed on the grounds, and even in the capitol itself, so long as the citizen carrying the firearm has a concealed weapons permit.

There has not been violence. There has been no shooting. The rally is well-organized, peaceful, and respectful. If there was any type of incident in the past, the anti-Second Amendment left would surely have exploited and celebrated it.

This years’ Lobby Day does promise to be much larger, due to the threat of massive gun control legislation that Democrats have promised to pass. The elections in November of 2019 gave control of the state to the anti-gun leftists. Many people, some from out of state, including the author of this article, are expected to travel to this year’s Lobby Day and show support.

Last week, Governor Northam initially passed an executive order to ban guns only inside the state buildings. However, today he decided to ban weapons from the outside grounds in the face of the coming massive protest, citing the violence in Charlottesville as an excuse.

This action is merely an attempt to portray Second Amendment supporters as violent. The truth is that the only person casting any threats is Northam himself. He recently proposed raising the corrections budget in anticipation of jailing Virginians who violate his proposed gun control laws.

There is a belief that the Virginia chief executive has overstepped his authority. After gun confiscations happened in Louisiana in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, the VCDL helped get legislation passed taking away the governor’s authority to strip Constitutional Rights during emergencies. Efforts are underway to get this order blocked.

The overwhelming majority of gun rights activists are law-abiding citizens. Unless it’s proven to be an illegal or illegitimate, they will follow Governor Northam’s recent edict and will show up anyway, unarmed, to make their voices heard.

If the governor would open his eyes and mind, maybe he would realize that the only ones showing up with guns will be any criminals who don’t follow or respect any laws. Now they know at this gathering there will only be sheep, not sheepdogs. That is the point. These gun control efforts are wasted because no law will ever stop a crime. Laws merely define the crime for prosecution after it happened.

Americans merely want to practice our Constitutionally protected Second Amendment Rights to protect our loved ones, our neighbors, our communities, and ourselves from those who would break the law and attempt to do us harm.

King George III didn’t understand that Americans want freedom and the responsibility for our own lives.

Virginia’s King Northam has assumed that same position.

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