Gov. Brown Leaves Teachers Defenseless, Eases Punishments for Criminals

Newsmax Article– Oct 31, 2017

Second Amendment advocates use facts, logic and reason as their main tools for discussing their viewpoints. As most of us on the “right” side of issues know, the “left” is totally unaware their main method of debate is one that does not help them in the least bit.

That liberal implement has once again reared its head in one of the loudest examples, yet its existence in their belief system is seemingly nonexistent to the man who is using it and those who support him.

Democrat California Gov. Jerry Brown, who has signed multiple gun control bills during his term, recently signed two bills that show the standard hypocrisy that is thriving in leftism.

I am referring to CA Assembly Bill 424 and CA Senate Bill 620. AB 424 blocks state teachers from arming themselves in case of an extreme incident where they may have to protect their students from a spree killer. SB 620 removed mandatory enhanced sentencing for any criminal who uses a gun while committing whatever crime for which they were charged.

Please stop reading this article for 10 seconds and consider the previous paragraph.

The governor of the state of California essentially hog-ties the hands of any brave soul who is willing to arm themselves in defense of the young students of the state, while at the same time potentially giving a pass to any criminal who has armed himself with, what is in most instances, an illegal firearm.

California logic:

Good people armed: Bad.

Bad people armed: No biggie.

Judges in the criminal cases would still have discretion to add additional time, but in a state that is continuously releasing convicted prisoners because of overcrowding, it will probably not happen often or make a difference anyway.

Liberals as a group are normally more interested in appearances than actions. What kind of appearance does this give to the citizens of California? Of course, if you’re the typical California liberal, then you’re supportive. However, if you are a conservative or even just a California resident with common sense, the actions of the governor should tell you two things:

  1. Do not try to protect yourself. Consider yourself, those you love and others around you a permanent class of victims.
  2. We care more about the rights of criminals then your Constitutionally-protected right to defend yourself with a firearm.

This instance is just the latest action from a political group that normally espouses such hypocritical thinking. These are the people that believe a scant trace of bacterial remains on an asteroid is “proof of life” elsewhere in the universe, while arguing that a fetus with a beating heart and an ability to feel pain and emotions inside the womb is nothing but a “clump of tissues.”

As liberals and anti-gunners try to restrict the ability of your average law-abiding citizen to get weapons, they have totally disregarded the truthful and inarguable fact that “only a good guy with a gun will stop a bad guy with a gun.” We have seen way too many instances of unarmed victims in supposed “gun free zones” being shot dead. Somehow, those little signs don’t stop the criminal who might be intent on killing as many as possible.

Instead of trying to disarm everybody, we should be training our teachers and school staff how to use a firearm in defense of themselves and their students.

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