NFL Players Should Quit If They Don’t Want to Stand for Anthem

Newsmax Article– Oct 20, 2017

Jerry Jones, owner of the NFL’s Dallas Cowboys franchise, stated recently that any player for his team who disrespects the U.S. flag will be benched.

Michael Bennett of the Seattle Seahawks did not respond kindly to that statement. Although he plays for another team, he felt it necessary to chime in through the media.

Bennett stated, “If teams don’t want guys to play, even if you think about what Jerry Jones said, it’s crazy. It’s inconsiderate of a person being a human being. To me, I just thought it reminded me of the Dred Scott case. You’re property, so you don’t have the ability to be a person first. And I think in this generation that sends the wrong message to young kids and young people across the world: that your employer doesn’t see you as a human being; they see you as a piece of property.”

That was a pretty strong statement that essentially compared a football field to a plantation and NFL team owners to slaveowners.

I find it odd that no one is calling Bennett out for his disrespect to those in our country’s history who actually did suffer from slavery. In context, the word “suffer” is not strong enough to describe what happened to people who may have been routinely beaten, raped, torn from family, or outright killed.

Mr. Bennett, I don’t seem to recall any pictures from history books of slaves driving home to their mansions in hundred thousand-dollar cars. I don’t remember reading of how the servants would work for only 20 years and then be set for life, as long as they didn’t waste their money. I have yet to see any advertisements from the pre-civil war era showing slaves endorsing products across the country.

Michael Bennett is the perfect example of the reason why the majority of the country opposes the NFL players disrespecting our flag and our national anthem. Many make outrageous claims that go unchallenged or unproven, except when the police have the video to do so, right, Michael Bennett?

I have a suggestion for Mr. Bennett and all the other NFL protesters. If you so strongly disagree with the owners of your team and sport, walk away. There is no greater example of someone who truly believes in their cause than a man or woman who gives up the good life to fight for the good cause.

If you know your NFL history, you’ll remember an honorable man named Pat Tillman. If not, google him. He should be an example for you, Number 72, and all of your protesting NFL player friends. He believed in something. He believed in America. Giving up his pro football career, he used his physical abilities to join the U.S. Army Rangers shortly after 9/11. This man was so unselfish, he gave his life to help fight the evil that brought down the World Trade Center and killed over 3,000 fellow Americans.

Those who make modest gestures and take no serious action or steps to help their cause are not setting an example. They are merely whining while waiting for someone else to actually do something.

Your narrative is false. NFL players are not slaves. They are almost the polar opposite. They live a life that 98 percent of the country can only dream about. Most Americans will have to work their entire lives just to get by. Few will know the feeling of not worrying about retirement. Many will work until the day they die.

Your wealth is a product of your skills and the sports business that you chose. If the system you’re in, that you wanted to join, offends you so much, here’s a piece of advice, sir. Quit.

There are no chains restraining you. Just walk away and leave behind that green turf that you now consider a plantation.

The problem is that you would have to leave your other “green” behind as well.

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