No Amendment Absolute? That’s Absolute-ly Wrong

by John Cylc

A Newsmax Article

April 9, 2021

“No amendment is absolute.” That is a direct quote from Joe Biden on Thursday, April 8th, while proposing his gun control executive orders. He took aim at so-called “ghost guns,” “assault rifles” and the “gun show loophole,” three false monikers perpetuated by gun control advocates and the media. (Forgive me for repeating myself.)

First off, a “ghost gun” is a scary term invented to describe a gun not made by a manufacturing company, thereby not requiring a serial number.

Free citizens have never been prevented from building their own firearms. Sometimes they use a kit, which Biden referenced. This kit is merely one individual part of a firearm that is less than 80% completed. The lone part would still have to be filed down to exact specifications and have holes drilled in it to make it workable. That part in itself is still not a firearm and would need many other parts added to make it a working weapon. Typically, most people do not have the skills to do this.

Next, an AR-15 is not an “assault rifle.” As with most successful propaganda, the lie “fits.”

Our agenda-driven media has convinced the general public that the “AR” part of its nomenclature stands for the words “assault” and “rifle”. That is a blatantly misleading and absolutely false. The “AR” in AR-15 is merely an abbreviation for Armalite, the company that developed it as the basis for the M-16 (an actual “assault weapon” that, unlike its AR-15 predecessor, can fire in full automatic mode.)

Finally, the “gun show loophole” is not any type of loophole at all. Joe Biden claimed that anyone can just go into a gun show, or online, and buy a gun with no background check. Once again, this is blatantly false. Any federally licensed firearm dealer (FFL) that sells a firearm to an individual, whether in a store, online, at a gun show, or in a private sale, must conduct a background check. Period.

However, if two private parties decide to interact in the sale of a firearm, no license or background check is required. It is the same as if you sell your neighbor a lamp. Would you need a business license to do so? No. If you sold your neighbor a car, do you need a car dealer license or must you conduct a DUI or driver’s license check? No. Private property being transferred between two private individuals has never been the government’s business.

Regarding the claim that “no amendment is absolute,” China Joe could not be more wrong. If our public schools taught actual history, more American citizens would understand the Constitution, specifically the Bill of Rights. The rights are not granted to us by government. They existed before the government, and even our country, ever did.

The “Preamble to the Bill of Rights” is not frequently discussed or referenced, but it explains the reason for the added amendments. The Bill of Rights is composed of “declaratory and restrictive clauses” that specifically exist “in order to prevent misconstruction (inaccurate explanation or interpretation) or abuse of its powers” by the government. In other words, the Bill of Rights precludes our government from infringing on our pre-existing, natural rights.

That is the very definition of “absolute,” Joe.

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